Ancient Spring

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Ancient Spring
Ancient Spring.png



Defeating Guardians
Searching Guardians


15 Rupees
5 Mon


Enhancing Armor
Creating Ancient Equipment


"A spring used in ancient machinery. It is light and buoyant enough to float on water, and no matter how many times it's compressed, it never loses tension."

— In-Game Description

The Ancient Spring is a material found in Breath of the Wild. They can be obtained by defeating all types of Guardians, which can be found in Shrine of Trials, Hyrule Castle, as well as being scattered in the Overworld. This material can be traded with Kilton, in his shop, the Fang and Bone, for 5 Mon each, but its main purpose is creating ancient equipment at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Ancient Springs are used in the manufacture of the Ancient Short Sword, as well as the enhancement of the Ancient Armor, including the Ancient Helm.