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Felling Trees


2 Rupees


Starting Fires


"A portable bundle of wood. You can use this to make a campfire if you have something to light it."

— In-Game Description


Wood is a material found in Breath of the Wild. They can be obtained by felling trees and cutting them up with a weapon such as the Woodcutter's Axe or a Sword, but, pre-cut bundles can sometimes be found at the many Stables found around Hyrule. Wood can be used to start a campfire if Link by using a flame based weapon, a lit torch, a Fire Arrow, or a Bomb Arrow. Alternatively, Link can strike Flint with a metallic weapon causing the wood to light on fire. However, Link cannot set a campfire while it is raining.

Gathering Wood

Almost any large tree in the Overworld can be cut down using a sword or an axe. After a tree is knocked know, one more slash will cause a bundle of wood to appear. Alternatively, Link can use a Bomb to knock down trees and a second bomb to blow up the timber, causing wood bundles to appear without having to use weapons.

At the Rito Stable, there are a number of large wood logs behind the stable and in the nearby forest. Along the path leading south, there are an abundance of trees and it is a great way to farm wood.

Another good place to farm wood is in the forest area just east of the Satori Mountain. Just north of a small pond, there is an abundance of Apple trees that are all close to each other. In a short amount of time, Link can acquire a few dozen bundles of wood, alongside numerous apples.

Side Quests

This material is also required for many Side-Quests in the game, such as Hylian Homeowner and From the Ground Up.

Hylian Homeowner

Main article: Hylian Homeowner

Link will find Bolson on the south side of the Firly Pond, at the west end of Hateno Village. The first step of the quest will require Link to gather 30 bundles Wood, along with 3,000 rupees.

From the Ground Up

Main article: From the Ground Up

After Link has started the Hylian Homeowner side quest, he can speak with Hudson who is right near Bolson. This will send Link off to the Akkala region at Tarrey Town. There are four stages of this quest that require wood and each time Link will need to give Hudson more wood. Starting with 10 bundles, then 20, then 30, and then 50, for a grand total of 110 bundles of wood to complete the quest.