Soldier Construct II Horn

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Soldier Construct II Horn
Soldier Construct II Horn - TotK icon.png
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Green-rupee.png 4

Upgrade from

Upgrade to


Sharp Fused Weapons
Upgrade Zonaite Set to ★★
Exchange for Zonai Capsule from Device Dispenser

Dye Color




Soldier Construct II Horn is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A sharp, hooked horn dropped from a Soldier Construct II. It's well suited for slicing through small branches and plants. Attach it to a weapon to moderately increase attack power."

— In-game description

A Soldier Construct II Horn is dropped by a Soldier Construct II after it is defeated. It is usually dropped alongside a Zonai Charge. These items can be attached to Link's weapons to moderately increase their attack power.