Wooden Mop

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Wooden Mop

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"Just a mop to the untrained eye, it excels at tidying up the place. But it owes its sturdy construction to a true craftsman, so it actually has some combat merit."

— In-Game Description

The Wooden Mop is a weapon found in Breath of the Wild. It has a base power of 5, and is typically found in urbanized areas, such as the Hateno Village or Stables. The damage on this spear is rather low, which puts the player at an instant disadvantage, however this item may work in a pinch. Since it has a mainly wooden construction, it will catch fire should it be brought close to a flame.

Wooden Mops can be found at the Riverside Stable, Wetland Stable, and the South Akkala Stable. They are occasionally used as weapons by Red Bokoblin and Blue Bokoblin. In particular, a red Bokoblin at the East Post Ruins can be seen using the item as a weapon.