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Spears are a category of weapons in Breath of the Wild.


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Wooden-mop.png Wooden MopJust a mop to the untrained eye, it excels at tidying up the place. But it owes its sturdy construction to a true craftsman, so it actually has some combat merit.
Farmers-pitchfork.png Farmer's PitchforkA farming tool used to collect hay efficiently. It's light enough to be used by anyone. The four prongs are very sharp.
Fishing-harpoon.png Fishing HarpoonA fisherman's tool that excels at catching large fish. Its particularly sharp spearhead makes it valuable as a weapon as well.
Throwing-spear.png Throwing SpearA specialized spear weighted to excel as a throwing weapon. It's perfectly balanced to be thrown harder than your average spear, able to pierce targets from a great distance.
Travelers-spear.png Traveler's SpearA spear used mainly by travelers to fend off wolves and other beasts. It's easy to hold and simple to use.
Soldiers-spear.png Soldier's SpearA long spear once used by the guards of Hyrule Castle. Easy to use but difficult to master. The iron tip is very sturdy, and the shaft will not burn when exposed to flame.
Knights-halberd.png Knight's HalberdA spear used by knights adept in mounted combat. The spearhead is modeled after an axe.
Royal-halberd.png Royal HalberdThis spear was issued to the knights who guarded Hyrule Castle's throne room. Its ornate design was applied by a craftsman in service to the royal family.
Forest-dweller-spear.png Forest Dweller's SpearThe Koroks made this spear for Hylians. The shaft is made from a light, sturdy wood, offering ease of use. The spearhead is made from a much harder wood, offering strength.
Zora-spear.png Zora SpearThis spear is a Zora's weapon of choice. It's lighter than it looks due to being made from a special metal and is used by the Zora for both fishing and protecting their domain.
Silverscale-spear.png Silverscale SpearA most skilled Zora fighters wield this spear. Its beautiful fish-tail design belies its impressive strength; the spearhead can piece even the toughest scales.
Lightscale Trident.png Ceremonial TridentA spear modeled after the Lightscale trident wielded by the Zora Champion Mipha. They may be identical in appearance, but this spear's strength and durability are inferior.
Lightscale Trident.png Lightscale TridentA spear of peerless grace cherished by the Zora Champion Mipha. Although Mipha specialized in healing abilities, her spearmanship was in a class all its own.
Drillshaft.png DrillshaftGoron artisans used recycled metal to forge this weapon. The tip is made from an old excavation bore, which affords it unmatched piercing capabilities.
Feathered-spear.png Feathered SpearIts lightweight design is a hallmark of Rito craftsmanship. It's made from light and sturdy materials, which afford Rito warriors ease of use during aerial combat.
Gerudo-spear.png Gerudo SpearThis spear's center of gravity is in its tip, making it a bit unwieldy for the average fighter. But in the hands of a skilled Gerudo warrior, it's a weapon of reliable strength.
Serpentine-spear.png Serpentine SpearThe spearhead of this weapon is uniquely Sheikah in design. Spear masters of the Sheikah tribe can use the crescent shape to snag their opponents and deliver brutal cuts.
Ancient-spear.png Ancient SpearThis spear is the result of countless hours of research into the ancient technology used by Guardians. The glowing spearhead has piercing potential.
Rusty-halberd.png Rusty HalberdA rusty polearm likely used by knights from an age past. The spearhead is in bad shape due to prolonged exposure to the elements, so its durability is low.
Royal-guards-halberd.png Royal Guard's SpearThis Sheikah-made spear was created using ancient technology to combat the Calamity. Its attack power is very high, but a critical design flaw left it with poor durability.
Flamespear.png FlamespearA magical spear forged in the magma of Death Mountain. Attack when the blade glows to expel powerful flames.
Frostspear.png FrostspearA magical spear forged from ancient ice taken from the Hebra Mountains. Attack when the blade glows blue to chill the air and freeze your foe.
Thunderspear.png ThunderspearA magical spear that contains thunder from Thundra Plateau in its tip. Attack when the blade glows with a golden light to unleash an electric attack.
Boko-spear.png Boko SpearA spear haphazardly carved from a large tree branch. It looks like its original intent was for skewering meat and cooking it, but it does have some combat merit as well.
Spiked-boko-spear.png Spiked Boko SpearA Boko spear enhanced with sharpened animal bones. It's light, easy to use, and deals a decent amount of damage.
Dragonbone-boko-spear.png Dragonbone Boko SpearThis Boko spear has been strengthened with fossilized bones. The bones are positioned outward so the fangs bite at the opponent. Beware Bokoblins carrying this weapon.
Moblin-spear.png Moblin SpearThis wooden spear is most often used by Moblins. It's made from a hastily whittled tree, so its stabbing power and durability are both pretty low.
Spiked-moblin-spear.png Spiked Moblin SpearThis Moblin-made spear uses a horned animal bone as the spearhead. Like many Moblin weapons it's sloppily made, but this one packs some respective piercing power.
Dragonbone-moblin-spear.png Dragonbone Moblin SpearThis spear is a fan favorite among Moblins. The spearhead is made from fossilized bones adorned with spikes, which greatly increases its stabbing power.
Lizal-spear.png Lizal SpearThe brutal, ripping edge of this weapon's spearhead is a distinctly Lizalfos design. Its low durability doesn't lend itself to extended use.
Enhanced-lizal-spear.png Enhanced Lizal SpearJudging by the harpoon-like spearhead of this Lizalfos-made spear, the Lizalfos use it for fishing as well as combat. Try not to get caught on the wrong end of its barbs.
Forked-lizal-spear.png Forked Lizal SpearSkilled Lizalfos warriors tend to favor this spear. What it lacks in piercing power, it makes up for with the brutal wounds its dual ripping blades will inflict.
Guardian-spear.png Guardian SpearWielded by Guardian Scouts, this spear has a high piercing power and is a testament to the Sheikah's high level of technology. The spearhead appears only when brandished.
Guardian-spear+.png Guardian Spear+The tip of this Guardian spear has been enlarged and strengthened. It's a bit shorter than your average spear, perhaps to facilitate use in tight spaces.
Guardian-spear++.png Guardian Spear++This guardian spear's output has been boosted to the maximum. The spearhead is designed for optimal stabbing, capable of easily piercing most armor.
Lynel-spear.png Lynel SpearThe crescent-shaped spearhead of this Lynel-made weapon gives it poor balance, making it difficult to wield. Lynels, however, can swing it effectively with one hand.
Mighty-lynel-spear.png Mighty Lynel SpearThe weight and cutting edge of this Lynel-made spear have both been enhanced. It's immensely heavy for a Hylian, but a Lynel can cleave through rock with a single swing.
Savage-lynel-spear.png Savage Lynel SpearWhite-haired Lynels favor this brutal spear. Its axe-like spearhead and exceptional weight give it absolute destructive power.