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Breath of the Wild
Proxim Bridge
Tears of the Kingdom
Travels the road between Riverside Stable, Gatepost Town Ruins, and Mount Daphnes

Brigo is a character found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

During the daytime, Brigo can be found patrolling back and forth on the Proxim Bridge. He loves to chat, but when it begins to rain, he will take off, running for his camp just to the east of the bridge.[1][2][3][4]

When approached, he can be heard talking to himself, speaking about the doom and gloom of the present situation. Brigo is overwhelmed by all the changes that have been happening lately, including the Sheikah Towers that have risen from underground, and the Shrines that have started to glow.[5]

With all that has happened, Brigo is now eyeing the Guardian in the distance. He refers to the Guardian as an overturned urn and tells Link of a story about how a Guardian once chased him down and tried to kill him.[6] Brigo explains that the guardians that nearly killed him was closer to the castle, but he barely escaped. He goes on to say that guardians are still active closer to Hyrule Castle and that Link needs to be careful.[7]

Brigo wields a Traveler's Spear and he patrols the bridge as it is an important route. He uses his weapon to chase off any monsters, so that they don't make the bridge a home.[8]

Brigo also serves as a travel guide and will provide directions to Link to nearby places.[9] In particular, Link usually crosses the Proxim Bridge as he is headed towards Kakariko Village. Brigo explains that Link should follow the path to the other side of the Dueling Peaks, where he will find the Dueling Peaks Stable. From there, he can ask another traveler for further directions.[10] If Link asks about how to get to Hyrule Castle, Brigo will strongly advise Link to avoid going in that direction due to the Guardians, telling him it's much safer to stay put and look at the castle right from the bridge.[11] Lastly, Brigo explains that the Great Plateau is an abandoned location surrounded by monsters and is not sure how somebody could even climb up the steep cliffs.[12]

If Link climbs up to the edge of the bridge while Brigo is nearby, he will shout at Link, telling Link not to jump. While initially it appears he is concerned about Link's well-being, he is actually concerned about the trauma it would cause himself if he saw somebody jump to their death by leaping off the bridge.[13][14] He will be relieved once Link comes down from the ledge.[15][16]

When Link is done chatting with Brigo, he wishes him good luck on his journey.[17]



  1. Hello? Are you looking for someone to chat with too? - Brigo
  2. Ask me whatever you want! I'm happy to chat with you awhile. - Brigo
  3. I'll stay here and chat with you for a bit, if you'd like. - Brigo
  4. Not now. Talk to me where it's dry! - Brigo
  5. I may be somewhat used to seeing bad omens by now, but that... Well, let's just say it's badder than most. We're doomed! I mean, don't panic! Sorry, who are you? Have we met? Well, doesn't matter who you are, really. I was getting tired of talking to myself, so you've come at a good time. By the by, those strange things that popped out of the ground... Did you see them? I'm not talking about mushrooms here! I'm talking about those towers! They seem to have popped up all over the place! And that's not the only strange thing that's happened. Those long-deserted shrines suddenly started glowing! You know what this means, don't you? The end is here! With all this craziness happening, I've been keeping an eye on that thing. Just to see if it suddenly starts moving, ya know? - Brigo
  6. I'm talking about that Guardian, of course! Haven't you heard the old stories about Hyrule? See that thing over there? The one shaped like an overturned urn? THAT is what I'm talking about. Did you know some of them can move? One of them once chased me down and tried to kill me! - Brigo
  7. No, it was a different one. That one was closer to the castle but before the forest... When they spot you, they shoot blue beams of light at you! Man, I was so sure that was the end for me. I was prepared for the worst. But I somehow managed to escape into the nearby woods. You think it was my lightning-fast reflexes that saved me? Ha, I wish. Truth is, I just got lucky. Anyway, I hear Guardians like that still wander around Hyrule Castle. Be careful. - Brigo
  8. Just patrolling. This bridge is an important route. I keep really busy making sure monsters don't nest here by chasing them off the bridge and stuff. - Brigo
  9. Where do you want to go? - Brigo
  10. As, I see. Kakariko Village is that way. On the other side of the Dueling Peaks, there's a stable. Stop there and ask someone for further directions. - Brigo
  11. Hyrule Castle?! I don't know how many lives you've got, but in a place with that many Guardians, I guarantee you it's not enough! See that? You can see it in the distance. Honestly, I think you're better off just looking at it from here. - Brigo
  12. The Great Plateau? Why would possibly need to go to an abandoned place like that? How would you even begin to scale that cliff? Well, in any case, it's over there. There are quite a few monsters about, though. So be careful. - Brigo
  13. Hey! Don't be rash! You won't change the world by jumping carelessly to your doom, don't ya know! That would only do one thing... And that's... Drive me batty! Seriously! Think of the shock I'd suffer, seeing something like that! Now calm down and climb off that rail. And don't climb down THAT way. Climb down THIS way! - Brigo
  14. I'm young, but you're even younger. I'm trying my best out here, but I get the feeling you're going to end up trying even harder in this world. That's the feeling I get when I look at your face... But maybe I'm nuts. You're fine. Just don't be so careless. There are too many enjoyable things in the world to gamble with your life! - Brigo
  15. Phew! You had me worried there. Don't mess with people like that. - Brigo
  16. Man! Don't ever do something like that again, got it? You almost gave me a heart attack. Seriously! - Brigo
  17. See ya, Let's wish each other good luck, eh? We'll need it! - Brigo