Mount Daphnes

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Mount Daphnes is a landmark in the Central Tower region of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Mount Daphnes is located just north of the Great Plateau and the Coliseum Ruins within Hyrule Field. The area has some Blue Moblin and Black Moblin patrolling the mountain.

At the east peak of the mountain, there is a small statue with an offering plate. Link can drop an Apple in there to get a Korok Seed.

Kaam Ya'tak Shrine

Main article: Kaam Ya'tak Shrine

At the southeast of the mountain, closer to the main paths, there is an easily visible shrine. Titled the Trial of Power, the shrine requires Link to use Magnesis and Stasis regularly to launch large boulders through massive doors. The shrine has a number of strong weapons for Link to collect, including an Edge of Duality and a Knight's Broadsword. Link will also find a rare Diamond gem in the shrine.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Place apple.

Place an apple into the bowl by the statue's feet.

Tears of the Kingdom

Mount Daphnes is located in Central Hyrule and is at the southwest corner of the area covered by the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. At the east part of the mountain, there is a small enemy camp with a Campefire. There is a Bokoblin archer up top, with two more found down below. On top of the camp, there is some Raw Prime Meat, Hylian Shrooms, and some Apples for Link to find. The wooden crates and barrels also contain some addition Arrows. In the area surrounding the mountain, there are some enemy Aerocudas flying around.

Further down the mountain to the northeast, there are a pair of Bokoblins at a small base, wielding dangerous Fire Arrows. When defeated, the Bokoblin will drop some Fire Fruits that they are holding. On the higher ledge, there are some more Apples and Palm Fruit that Link can find.

Korok Seeds

  • At the west peak of Mount Daphnes, there is a small circle of rocks. One rock is missing from the circle. Pickup the nearby rock and place it to complete the circle and get the Korok.



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