Aquame Lake Well

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Aquame Lake Well

Aquame Lake Well is a location in Tears of the Kingdom. It is one of 58 Wells that can be found on the Surface.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Aquame Lake Well can be found inbetween Aquame Lake and the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. It has a Moblin on patrol near the entrance.

Inside the well contains a Traveler which is actually a Yiga Footsoldier in disguise. He can be seen practicing against a target dummy with arrows and an Eightfold Blade lodged into it. Speaking with the Traveler they will reveal their true identity and purpose.[1]

Bugs and Materials


  1. "Traveler", So many of my brethren have been cut down. The harm we have suffered is beyond counting...Which is why I've so eagerly awaited this moment...Link. Master Kohga! I shall purge the world of this meddlesome nuisance!