Seres Scablands

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The Seres Scablands is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Seres Scablands are located just east of the Tabantha Bridge Stable, and southwest of the Ridgeland Tower, found in the Hyrule Ridge portion of the map. Much like the Ludfo's Bog to the north, there are massive Dragon's Blood trees that have grown, along with a series of small ponds.

In the center of the scablands, a Blue Hinox can be found sleeping. This particular Hinox has a Soldier's Spear, Soldier's Broadsword, and Soldier's Bow around its neck.

Several of the Dragon's Blood trees in this area are so massive that Link will be unable to reach the peak of them, unless he has Revali's Gale. One of the trees near the center of the area has a balloon just underneath its peak and if it is shot with an Arrow, a Korok will appear. A second balloon can be found under a tree at the northwest part of the area.

On top of the massive Dragon's Blood tree at the south end of the scablands is a small tree stump that triggers a yellow circle to appear on the Dragon's Blood tree to the west. This tree requires Revali's Gale, or a ton of Stamina to climb. From the stump, Link can easily paraglide over to collect the Korok Seed. One more Korok can be found at the far west of the scablands by examining the fairy lights that are moving around the area.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Shoot the balloon hanging under the huge Dragon's Blood tree.

Shoot the balloon under the big Dragon's Blood tree and above the smaller ones.

Shoot the balloon hanging under the huge Dragon's Blood tree.

Shoot the balloon.

Race from a large Dragon's Blood tree to the southeast, finish on topside of another large Dragon's Blood tree.

The seed platform is on top of an extremely tall Dragon's Blood tree to the southeast that can be difficult to climb. The race itself is an easy glide from there.