Yamiyo Shrine

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Yamiyo Shrine, also known as Combat Training: Throwing, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

This shrine is found to the east of the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins and southwest of Hyrule Castle.

Combat Training

  • A Soldier Construct appears, but Link is unable to use his basic attacks. Instead, he'll have to rely on throwing items. Link can pickup the Fire Fruit that are growing in the Shrine.
  • Link can press 'R' and then 'Up' on the D-Pad to select a material. Aim carefully and toss it at the Soldier Construct.
  • The Soldier Construct will then start to move, but Link can wait until it aims an Arrow, and then toss a material at the construct.
  • Open the chest up ahead to get three Bomb Flowers. Then head to the Altar to get a Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Yamiyo Shrine