Moshapin Shrine

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Moshapin Shrine
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Moshapin Shrine, also known as Rauru's Blessing, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Lake Intenoch Cave Crystal

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To access the shrine, Link will need to first find the Lake Intenoch Cave, which is located at the end of the pathway heading north of the Highland Stable. The cave entrance is right next to the Gero Pond, which is marked on the map. There is an entrance to a cave at 2488, 1786, 0158.

The cave itself is filled with flames in the air, requiring Link to use a Fireproof Elixir or have part of the Flamebreaker Set in order to survive. From the entrance of the cave, Link will need to break the red sediment on the right side, using only rock-based weapons. Some are in the area, along with rocks ont he floor, but come prepapred with an extra one or two, as Bomb Flowers are not useful in this area. While breaking the sediment, he needs to keep to the right to eventually find the room with the green rock.

After examining the green, Link can use the Hydrant that is near the the Fire Like to create a platform in the lava. After then attaching the green rock and a Fan, he can ride across the lava to the other side. Dropping the green rock at the shrine will complete the quest.

Rauru's Blessing

The shrine itself is just a blessing shrine. Simply move forward, open the chest for a Mighty Zonaite Shield, and then examine the altar for your well-earned Light of Blessing.