Makasura Shrine

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Makasura Shrine


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Makasura Shrine, also known as An Upright Device, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located just south of Kakariko Village.

An Upright Device

  • Run forward and use Ascend to reach the higher area.
  • Hit the Stabilizer to get the platform to rise up. Climb up and the use the Paraglider to glide across the gap.
  • In the next area, hit the stabilizer to get the next platform to stand up. Then use Ultrahand to grab the whole ramp and move it towards the gate. Climb up and jump over the gate to the other side.
  • Use Ultrahand to grab the stabilizer and attach it to the metal gate. Then use Ultrahand to grab the Orb and place it in the bowl. Activate the stabilizer to get the platform to stand up, launching the orb over the gate.
  • The ball should land in the hole on the other side, opening the gate. If for some reason it does not, don't worry, we'll fix it momentarily.
  • There is a treasure chest for us to collect here on the back wall. Reposition the platform here and have Link stand in the bowl. Then shoot an arrow while standing in the bowl and it will launch Link up. Open the chest here to get a Fairy Tonic.
  • Now use this same mechanic to launch Link back across the gate, or a simple Ascend can do the trick. If the Orb didn't fall into the hole earlier, place it in it, to open the nearby door.
  • Next grab the platform and bowl and move it into the main chamber. The gap to the Altar is a bit too large for Link to just launch himself across with just the bowl. So instead, use Ultrahand to combine it with the platform that was already in this room that has the stabilizer attached to it. With this long platform, activate it to launch Link. Paraglide over to the Altar to get the Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Makasura Shrine