Mogisari Shrine

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Mogisari Shrine

Mogisari Shrine, also known as Courage to Jump, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

This Shrine is found on the Lomei Sky Labyrinth.

Courage to Jump

The same strange moon-like gravity is apparent inside the shrine as surrounds the Lomei Sky Labyrinth, causing Link to windmill his arms with each slow motion jump. Climb on one of the pre-built moon-buggy vehicles and take off forward, jumping over the first gap, skidding over the shallow lava pit and jumping the next gap, then rolling over the spiked floor on the first tilted platform. You may want to stop here to take out the two Soldier Constructs on the next tilted platform to the right, or you could speed past them by keeping to the left.

Continue forward and drive through the laser beams, but stop again (the lower wall should catch the vehicle) to take out the next two Soldier Constructs. The path splits here. To the upper left there are bombable blocks blocking the path, behind which is a Treasure Chest containing a Mighty Zonaite Shield. If you take the lower right path, be sure to swerve to avoid the explosive barrels first on the right side, then the left.

The paths reconverge here, but it splits again to the left and right. There is a fifth Soldier Construct to deal with on the left, as well as another vehicle and Rockets. The left path ramps upward at the end, whereas the right path slopes downward, so attach two Rockets to the vehicle to jump the final gap on the left side.

Approach the altar and receive the Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Mogisari Shrine