Kudanisar Shrine

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Kudanisar Shrine
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Kudanisar Shrine, also known as Bridging the Sands, is a Shrine of Light found in Tears of the Kingdom.

This Shrine is located in the Gerudo Desert, at the entrance to Karusa Valley.

Bridging the Sands

  • When you enter the shrine, you’ll find that it is a large, open area mostly comprised of quicksand that flows to the left, which serves as the main gimmick of the shrine. The left wall that the sand flows into is lined with crushing spikes that will hurt you if you are unfortunate enough to be left under one.
  • The area of sand that you start in is completely enclosed by gates that are too tall for Link to jump over, and also has a small platform in the center that you can stand on. Two large wood boards will naturally spawn towards the right and float into the spikes, destroying them, along with a third wood board that is initially at rest standing up and is close enough to reach.
  • You first need to get to the platform, which you can do by connecting the wood boards with Ultrahand and running across them, or hopping along the boards at the right time if you have enough stamina. From there, you’ll need to connect the wood boards into one long boards that you can lay one end on the platform and another on the gate, allowing you to run across and over the gate.
  • Next, you need to get past a Soldier Construct concealed by a large wood board by defeating it or just simply walking by it, and then hop along more wood boards to get to the next platform. After you climb up the ladder, you’ll see a button that creates a small orb and then launches it across the room towards a structure guarded by two more Soldier Constructs.
  • If you head forward while facing the structure, you’ll see a platform that has two controllable fan sled vehicles that you can use to get to get around easier.
  • If you go to the left you’ll find another platform with a fan sled near a chest hanging from a rope that you can shoot down with an arrow to get 10 Arrows.
  • On the far corner of the room from the first chest is a raised platform with two wood boards near it that you can use to get up on the platform. Defeat the Soldier Construct, and open the chest there for a Hasty Elixir.
  • When you get to the structure with the orb, use Ascend to get on the ledge and defeat the constructs. The orb should be in the sand in front of a gate that you can open with a button nearby, but you should probably move the orb onto the platform before opening it because the orb will float away. Use one of the nearby fan sleds to transport the orb all the way back to the platform where it came from, which you can carry it up onto by making a bridge out of wood boards. Put the orb in its proper spot in the hole, and head inside the now unlocked room to get your Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Kudanisar Shrine