Iun-orok Shrine

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Iun-orok Shrine
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Iun-orok Shrine, also known as The Right Roll, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located northwest of Tabantha Bridge Stable, inside the Tanagar Canyon West Cave across the chasm.


Follow the path through Tanagar Canyon West Cave. Break the rocks blocking the path forward. Take a right once you get through and follow the path to another wall of rocks blocking the path. Break those too and continue along the path until you reach the shock Like Likes. Either kill or ignore them, and break the rock wall on the side again. This one is very deep, so it will take a while. The entrance to the shrine will be found on the right side of the rock wall if you don't want to break all of it. Follow the path through to the shrine.

The Right Roll

  • Grab the large ball and roll it down the hill to hit the target. Pass through the new doorway to the next room.
  • Attach the two balls together and position them to straddle the ridge of the angled slope so they roll down to hit the target. Pass through the new doorway to the next room.
  • Grab the largest ball and position it in the air near the chest in the corner. Hold it there a moment, then release it and use Recall on it to put it back in the air. Ascend to it and then jump to the chest to receive 10 Arrows.
  • Finally, assemble the three balls together in a snowman shape (small-middle-large). For best results, the shape should maintain a straight, symmetrical line. Then, carry the snowman shape down the path and position them angled with the smallest ball forward and to the right, and the largest ball back and to the left. Drop them and they should roll into the switch. (See video for example.)
  • Walk into the next room and approach the altar to receive your Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Iun-orok Shrine