Simosiwak Shrine

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Simosiwak Shrine
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Complete "trial run" of Bravery Island Dive Ceremony




Simosiwak Shrine, also known as Proving Grounds: Lights Out, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.


This Shrine is found on Bravery Island in the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago. To make it accessible, Link must perform a trial run of the island's Dive Ceremony. While not essential, the simplest way to do this is to talk to the Steward Construct on the lower level, who will take him to the highest part of the island off-camera. Whether he does this or reaches it by another means, this allows him to activate the Zonai pedestal, which generates the rings he must dive through to complete his trial run and reveal the shrine.

Proving Grounds: Lights Out

As a Proving Grounds shrine, Link's armor, weapons, bows and shields are taken from him when he enters; including extra inventory slots from Hestu. This leaves him standing in only his underpants, although - despite the introduction saying "Outside equipment is forbidden" - he retains his key items, including Right Arm abilities and paraglider. While he also loses any Temporary Hearts and Temporary Stamina, any food effect with a duration - such as glow - does remain active until time runs out.

The shrine itself is completely dark. At the start is a Wooden Stick and two "Light Shields" - Old Wooden Shields pre-fused to Zonai Device Lights. The object of the shrine is to defeat two Soldier Constructs and a Captain Construct I. The latter has multiple rubies near it, which it fuses to make fire weapons to use against Link.

If Link succeeds, his inventory, health and stamina is reset to its state before he entered the shrine, and the door to the reward room opens. This contains a Treasure Chest with a Bright Elixir (Glow level 3, 9:10 duration), and the statues of Rauru and Sonia, which give Link a Light of Blessing when activated.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Simosiwak Shrine


  1. Items from the shrine cannot be removed when the Proving Grounds effect is active, before the door to the statues of Rauru and Sonia with the Light of Blessing opens. Further, all materials and weapons disappear at this point, both from the shrine and from Link's inventory. However, if Link returns later, after a blood moon has reset the shrine, any items found can be collected as normal. This includes several rubies around the Captain Construct, as well as construct parts such as the Captain Construct I Horn, which can become hard to obtain after the increasing World Level upgrades most Captain Constructs outside shrines