Otak Shrine

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Otak Shrine

Otak Shrine, also known as Proving Grounds: Traps, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

Finding the Shrine

The Shrine is located in the Hebra Mountains, within the Icefall Foothills Cave. Found at the far northwest of the entire map of Hyrule is the Icefall Foothills. At the west end of the Foothills, there are some ice that blocks an entrance to a cave. Use a flame based weapon to melt the ice. Link can acquire 10 Bomb Flowers in an ice covered chest to the right once he enters the cave, having a Ruby fused weapon can allow for safe acquisition of chest by standing close to the icy chest. You can light the unlit campfire that is in this cave to melt more of the ice. Beware of enemies that spawn.

At the back of the cave, Link can bravely jump on or safely melt some ice on the ground that leads to a lower cave. Lurking below are some dangerous Blue Bokoblins and Black Bokoblins. Shooting Bomb Flower-fused arrows from above can allow for safe passage below. Look up to the right on the wall once safely down below, to find the small ice covered opening to the Otak Shrine. After melting the ice, Link will discover the shrine.

Proving Grounds: Traps

  • As this is a Proving Grounds shrine, all of Link's armor and weapons will be removed when he enters. Link will have to fight and defeat all of the Soldier Constructs to complete the shrine. He can do so in traditional manners, but there are numerous traps throughout the shrine to help him along the way.
  • Throughout the shrine, Link can shoot down the hanging torches from the ceiling, which can fall and burn any loose leaves that are nearby. If a Soldier Construct is nearby, it will deal damage.
  • There is an explosive barrel in the shrine, but it's generally best if Link keep his distance as it is more likely to harm Link than help him.
  • In the center of the shrine there is a stone pillar that is cracked. Link can break it, causing the ceiling above to collapse down. If Link can steer a Soldier Construct here, he can use this method to defeat one.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Otak Shrine