Rakashog Shrine

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Rakashog Shrine

Rakashog Shrine, also known as A Reflective Device, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

This Shrine is found on the East Gerudo Sky Archipelago.

A Reflective Device

  • Use Ultrahand to redirect the light into the receiver with the Mirror.
  • Move the next Mirror through the hole in the bars and redirect the light to the receiver on the right side.
  • Reposition the Mirror you just used so it points through the upcoming pathway.
  • Use the Mirror at the end of the path to redirect the light downwards into another receiver.
  • Turn the Mirror to redirect the light upwards.
  • Ride the elevator platform up
  • Use the Mirror at the top to redirect the vertical beam of light into the receiver on the right side of the room.
  • Open up the Treasure Chest in the newly opened chamber to obtain a Large Zonai Charge.
  • In the next room, defeat two Soldier Construct I.
  • Use the two Mirrors to redirect the light beside the wall and into the receiver on the back wall.
  • Approach the altar to obtain the Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Rakashog Shrine