Domizuin Shrine

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Domizuin Shrine

Domizuin Shrine, also known as A Prone Pathway, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located southeast of South Akkala Stable, up the mountain.

A Prone Pathway

  • Use Ascend on the ledge in front of you.
  • Hit the rock to turn the box once. Enter the box and run to the backright corner. Use Ascend to climb up and open the chest to get 10 Arrows.
  • Stand on the platform in the middle. Hit the rock in the box twice. Open the chest on the left to receive a Zonai Charge.
  • Return to the box, and position yourself in front of the third chest, closest to where you first entered the box. Shoot the rock inside the box with an arrow once. Open the chest to receive a Strong Zonaite Shield.
  • Stand on the platform in the middle of the box and hit the target once. Shoot the rock outside the box with an arrow once. Then hit the rock inside the box three times.
  • Use Ascend on the rock in the corner to climb on top of the box.
  • Approach the altar and receive your Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Domizuin Shrine