Tenbez Shrine

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Tenbez Shrine

Tenbez Shrine, also known as Gravity and Velocity, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

This Shrine is found on the North Lomei Castle Top Floor in the East Hebra Sky Archipelago.

Gravity and Velocity

Hit the first gravity switch and wait until the giant ball hits the target. Keep on low gravity, and get a Large Zonai Charge from the chest and then jump into the left launcher and have it launch you into the upper room that opened. Go over to the gravity switch in this room and once the giant ball is launched over the walled in switch, hit the gravity switch to make the giant ball fall. If you hit it too early it'll just drop before the target, and if you hit it too late it'll fall behind it.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Tenbez Shrine