Karahatag Shrine

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Karahatag Shrine
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Depths Counterpart


Construct Bow, level varies




Karahatag Shrine, also known as Drifting Flame, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located in Gerudo Desert in the Southern Oasis.

Drifting Flame

First Room

As you enter the first room, you'll see a closed gate with an unlit upside-down ancient torch suspended to the left of it, and a lit ancient torch with a normal Torch on the ground to the right of it. Ignoring the torch on the ground, pull out your bow and walk over to the lit torch so that it lights your arrow on fire, and then shoot it at the upside torch to light it, opening the gate. You can also just fuse a Fire Fruit or Red Chuchu Jelly to your arrow and shoot the upside-down torch to light it that way.

Second Room

Climb the ladder, and you'll see a button on the floor with a fence on three sides of it, a large open platform behind it with three columns suspended over it, and a walkway to it's right that leads to the final closed gate. There is also a lit ancient torch that you can pick up with Ultrahand on that walkway. Standing on the button causes the open platform to drop down a good ways (roughly 20ft/6m), but also causes upside-down ancient torches to come down out of the bottom of the three suspended columns. You need to light the torches to open the final gate.

Option 1: Pick up the lit ancient torch off of the walkway, run onto the platform and directly through the center of each square of sand underneath the three columns, and then quickly run back to the button and put down the torch. Once you step on the button, quickly use Recall on the lit ancient torch. If done correctly, the torch should move back to each column, lighting the upside-down torches and opening the gate. If trying to get all three lit in one shot is too difficult, it is possible to do the torches one at a time, as once an upside-down torch is lit, it will stay lit, even when it is no longer exposed.

Option 2: Grab the lit ancient torch with Ultrahand, and bring the torch over to the button. Now, while standing on the button, pull the torch right next to you so that it's on top of the pressed button as well, and hold it there for roughly 20 seconds. Now release the torch and step off of the button. Now use Recall on the torch, and it should activate the button, dropping the platform and torches down. Now just use arrows fused with Fire Fruit or Red Chuchu Jelly to light the torches before Recall runs out.

Shrine Chest

The lone chest of this shrine (which contains a Construct Bow whose level depends on your world level) is in an alcove directly underneath the button in the second room. You can access this chest directly if you use Option 2 above (drop down to the platform after it drops), or you can jump off of the walkway next to the final gate and paraglide under the open platform and into the alcove. Use Ascend to get back up once you're done.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Karahatag Shrine