Sinakawak Shrine

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Sinakawak Shrine


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Sinakawak Shrine, also known as An Uplifting Device, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located just northwest of New Serenne Stable.

An Uplifting Device

  • Run ahead and you'll find a few platforms and Balloons on the left. Grab the square platform and attach one of the cylinder torches that are lit in the room. Then use Ultrahand to move it against the wall.
  • Now, while standing on the platform, grab a Balloon and attach it to the top of the Torch. This will cause the platform to rise up. Jump off on the higher ledge.
  • There is a switch on the ceiling above the closed door. Use Ultrahand to attach a Torch to a Balloon and move it just underneath the door. It will float up and hit the switch, opening the door.
  • Once in the next room, drop down to the bottom of the room and once again, attach one of the torches to the center of a square platform. Grab the Orb found here and attach it to the square platform as well. Then, while standing on the platform, grab a Balloon and attach it above the torch to float up.
  • When you are at the ceiling, grab the Orb and detach it from the other objects. Carefully drop it on one of the higher platforms and then jump off. Place it in the hole to open the door.
  • There is another chest for us to collect here in the Shrine. Drop back down and walk around the corner to find a much larger Orb with four Flame Emitters surrounding it. Grab one of the Flame Emitters and attach it to the Orb.
  • Run over and grab another Balloon and then attach it to the Flame Emitter. The flame will be able to carry the heavy Orb all the way to the top of the shrine. Run over to near where the smaller orb was and use Ascend in the small nook to get back up top.
  • Use Ultrahand to grab the large orb and place it in the hole. Open the chest to get an Opal. Then run over to the altar to get a Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Sinakawak Shrine