Flame Emitter

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Flame Emitter

Flame Emitters are Zonai Devices from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A Zonai device that shoots fire. It's thought to have been originally used as protection from monsters."

— In-game description from Tears of the Kingdom

Flame Emitters are Zonai flamethrowers. If struck, or if a shield or weapon with one fused to it is brandished, they send out a jet of flame capable of burning enemies and dealing damage. Doing so drains Link's Energy Cell or, if attached, a battery/Big Battery. Link can also use the Flame Emitter alongside a Balloon. When pointing upwards underneath a balloon, it will create a hot air balloon, causing the balloon to float up in the air.

They can be obtained in Zonai Capsules from Device Dispensers or Treasure Chests, and kept by Link until needed, or found lying in the overworld. If found outside of a capsule, or once removed from the capsule, they cannot be kept in Link's inventory directly, although they may be fused to a weapon or shield for later use that way. If fused, they can be separated by Pelison in Tarrey Town, but the same limitation applies.