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Fans are Zonai Devices from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A Zonai device that produces wind with its internal propeller. It's likely that the Zonai made smart use of this wind power to transport objects and generate thrust."

— In-game description

Fans can be found scattered about on the ground on both the Sky Islands and the Surface. When struck with a weapon, a Fan will activate, temporarily blowing a gust of wind in whichever direction is faces. Link can use this wind gust along with his Paraglider to gain height and glide into the air. However, when a Fan is activated, it has a limited power cycle and after a few moments, it will power off.

Link is able to use the Ultrahand ability to combine a Fan with other objects. Combining multiple Fans with Wooden Logs can create a Raft, which the fans could then be used propel the Raft forward. Other objects can be created when there are multiple Fans, including devices that can hover above ground and fly in the air.

Link is able to store fans obtained as Zonai Capsules from a Device Dispenser or Treasure Chest in his inventory and pull them out whenever they are needed. These cannot be returned to the capsules after use, although they can be fused with weapons or shields.


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