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Stakes are Zonai Devices from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A Zonai device that can be fixed in place in the ground or on a wall. They've been used as footholds and building foundations because of their immovability when planted."

Tears of the Kingdom In-game description

Stakes are unpowered Zonai Device which remain locked in place on any surface after being placed with Ultrahand. Unlike other items in the world which require some type of gravitational anchor, the Stake can be driven into almost any type of surface (even those that are rounded or angled) up to about halfway up its body. Once placed, they are able to be removed or reinserted. Given this unique build mechanic, it's possible to set traps and create transportation vectors that may otherwise be impossible on a standard playing field. Mayachin Shrine ("A Fixed Device") serves as a tutorial for using stakes.

As with most Zonai Devices, they can be found in Zonai Capsules from Device Dispensers or Treasure Chests; or lying around in the overworld as loose items. If removed from a capsule, they cannot be returned to it, although they can be fused to weapons or shields.