Mayamats Shrine

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Mayamats Shrine
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Mayamats Shrine, also known as A Route for a Ball, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located in the Gerudo Highlands on Rutimala Hill.

A Route for a Ball

Once inside of the shrine, move down the ramp and make a left, noticing the large ball receptacle and the closed gate to the altar as you do so. To your left will be a large pit, with a pair of rails on the right side, and a pair of angled fans pointing up to the ledge above. Paraglide up to the ledge using the fans. Once on the ledge, straight ahead there will be a small pit (with floor) with a treasure chest on a ledge past it, to your right will be a higher ledge with a funnel-shaped chimney built into the face of it, and to your left will be an alcove with another ledge above it, this one holding a large ball. Use Ascend in the alcove to get up to the ledge, then grab the ball using Ultrahand and bring it down to the floor.

To get up to the higher ledge on the right, use Ultrahand to place the large ball into the funnel-shaped section of the chimney, then stand underneath it and use Ascend to get on top of the ball, and jump onto the ledge. Up here you'll see our receptacle ball stuck in an endless loop of rolling down chutes and falling into the abyss. Once the ball reaches the second chute, hit the ball with Recall, and once it is over the gap between the chutes, deactivate Recall, causing the ball to fall onto the rails underneath and then roll into the small pit in front of you. Grab the ball on drop it down to the floor in the center.

Now the two rails that cross over the large pit are too far apart for the receptacle ball to ride on them, so you will need to use Ultrahand to fuse it to the larger ball. Now pick up your fused balls and set them on the rails as far down as you can reach, as there is a pit at the end of the rails/chute that the balls can fall into if they have too much momentum (i.e., placing them onto the rails at the top), which causes them to reset to the center floor. Once they are safely sitting on the lower floor, paraglide down to them, and place the smaller ball into the receptacle to open the gate to the altar.

Shrine Treasure Chest

To get to the chest, right after getting the large ball for the first time, use Ultrahand to place the large ball in the center of the pit, spaced just right so that you can jump from the floor you are on, onto the top of the ball, and then onto the ledge with the chest. The chest contains a Large Zonai Charge.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Mayamats Shrine