Tears of the Kingdom Dungeons

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The dungeons in Tears of the Kingdom are largely a hybrid of the Divine Beasts from Breath of the Wild - being targeted around achieving a number of specified objectives, similar to the Divine Beasts' terminals and main control unit - with the styles of earlier dungeons in the series.

Regional Phenomena

Wind Temple

TotK Wind Temple.jpg
Main article: Wind Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

Fire Temple

TotK Fire Temple.png
Main article: Fire Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

Water Temple

Water Temple Title - TotK screenshot.jpg
Main article: Water Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

Lightning Temple

Lightning Temple Title - TotK screenshot.jpg
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Crisis at Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle

Main article: Hyrule Castle (Breath of the Wild)#Tears of the Kingdom

Find the Fifth Sage

The quest to retrieve Mineru's secret stone is structured somewhat differently from the Regional Phenomena dungeons. Instead of the targets being in one location, they are the pieces of Mineru's Construct scattered across four "Depots" of the Construct Factory, while the boss is located some distance away in the Spirit Temple itself, which functionally contains only the "boss room".

Construct Factory

Main article: Construct Factory

Left-Arm Depot

Main article: Left-Arm Depot

Left-Leg Depot

Main article: Left-Leg Depot

Right-Arm Depot

Main article: Right-Arm Depot

Right-Leg Depot

Main article: Right-Leg Depot

Spirit Temple

Spirit Temple Title - TotK screenshot.jpg
Main article: Spirit Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

Destroy Ganondorf

Beneath Hyrule Castle

TotK Beneath Hyrule Castle.jpg
Main article: Beneath Hyrule Castle

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Tears of the Kingdom Shrines

In-isa Shrine ext - TotK.jpg
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In addition to the dungeons, there are 152 Shrines of Light. As in Breath of the Wild, these and the Shrine Quests leading to many of them amount to mini-dungeons in their own right.