The Lake Intenoch Cave Crystal

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The Lake Intenoch Cave Crystal



Examine the Green Rock


Bring the Rock over to the Shrine


Access to Moshapin Shrine



The Lake Intenoch Cave Crystal is a Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


The quest is available as soon as Link arrives at the Lake Intenoch Cave. The cave can be found along the pathway north of Highland Stable, well south of Death Mountain. When entering the cave, Link will need to destroy some Red Sediment to find the room where the green rock is located.

The cave itself is filled with fire in the air and Link will need to have some Flame Guard protection in order to survive without taking damage. This can be through equipment, or by making an Elixir. Link can make such an elixir by mixing some monster parts with a Fireproof Lizard.


  • From the Foothill Stable, travel north until the pathway ends. Continue on the unmarked path to find the Gero Pond, with the Lake Intenoch Cave found just beside it.
  • Wear clothing from the Flamebreaker Set, or drink a Fireproof Elixir. A fireproof elixir can be made by cooking Fireproof Lizards with a monster part such as a Bokoblin Horn. Fireproof Lizards are found readily just outside of the cave.
  • From the cave entrance, break the Red Sediment on the right side. While breaking it, travel to the right side of the sediment to reach the open room.
  • Examine the green rock to begin the Shrine Quest.
  • To the left of the green rock, there is a Fire Like. Near the enemy there is a Hydrant.
  • Use the Hydrant in the water to create a floating platform on the lava.
  • Attach the green rock to the floating platform, as well as a Fan, positioned in the direction where the green light is pointing.
  • Ride across the lava lake. After arriving on the other side, carry the green rock over to the shrine to complete the quest.

Moshapin Shrine

Main article: Moshapin Shrine

The Moshapin Shrine itself is one of Rauru's Blessings. Inside there is a single treasure chest that holds a Mighty Zonaite Shield. Walk over to the altar to get a Light of Blessing.

Adventure Log

Step Description
You offered up the crystal hidden in the grotto in Lake Intenoch, and you can now enter the Shrine of Light.

Enter the shrine in order to acquire the Light of Blessing.