Riju of Gerudo Town

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Riju of Gerudo Town





Arrive at Gerudo Town


Speak with Buliara at the Gerudo Shelter


Team up with Riju and get rid of the sand shroud



Riju of Gerudo Town is a Main Quest from Tears of the Kingdom.


  • To begin the quest, Link will need to make it inside the Gerudo Shelter. One method is described by Riju's Diary in Riju's room, which hints at a secret entrance just behind the throne. Another way begins with a child on the street on the northwest side of town. A third way is to head underground using the hole in the ground south of the town entrance, and find the right spot to Ascend.
  • Upon arriving in the Gerudo Shelter, Link will meet up with Buliara. Buliara mentions that Riju has traveled to the North Gerudo Ruins to train, which will begin the quest.
  • If Link leaves town from the northwest of Gerudo town and heads directly west, he'll find a stone that falls from the sky. Using Recall and jumping on the rock, Link can glide up to the sky. From there his map will work and he can glide to the northeast to eventually arrive at the North Gerudo Ruins.
  • Riju is training here but cannot quite get her accuracy down. She asks Link to train with her. Use an arrow to shoot the target ahead. Then use an arrow to shoot the rock that is in between the three targets.
  • Faundi will appear and tell Riju about a swarm of Gibdos that are heading towards Kara Kara Bazaar. Link can journey to Kara Kara Bazaar, but if he has already been there, he can simply warp to Mayatat Shrine. Otherwise, it might be best to warp out of the Sand Shroud area and approach Kara Kara Bazaar from the east.
  • Once Link arrives the swarm of Gibdos will appear. Link will need to fight alongside Riju to destroy the Gibdos. Simply wait for Riju's attack to charge up and then shoot an arrow to create a lightning attack. Eventually Riju will mention that the swarm is spawning from a Gibdo Hive. Target it with an arrow to destroy the hive and then finish off any lingering Gibdos.
  • When Link returns to Gerudo Town, Riju mentions there are three Gibdo Hives surrounding Gerudo Town. Riju is preparing for battle and returns to her throne. Link can speak with Captain Teake in the yard to deploy forces. He can also speak with Padda in the courtyard to gather materials. Link can deploy a barricade in one location and deploy some of the Gerudo guards in other locations. There are three entrance points in total to Gerudo town, to the east, north, and west. Speak with Riju again to prepare for battle.
  • Once the battle begins, Gibdos will begin to attach from all three hives. Depending on where you created barricade and where the troops are deployed, the attack may come from one of the areas first. Over time, Gibdos will enter Gerudo Town from all entry points, regardless of preparations. Where the Gibdos are located are marked on your map. Battle them outside of Gerudo Town and after most in a particular area are defeated, Link will be able to destroy the Gibdo Hives. Be careful, as the Gibdos will get in town and try to attack Riju. Keep an eye out on Riju's health and where the Gibdos are located. Destroy all three hives and get rid of all the Gibdos.
  • After defeating the Gibdos, Riju asks Link to come to the Gerudo Shelter and look at the Mural in the Underground Shelter. When examining the mural, it reads, "Standing back-to-back with the throne, witness red pillars across a vast sea. United the pillars in light to rveal the lightning stone and open the way. You who can hear my voice, come to me. I await you." This gives Link a clue on where he needs to head next.
  • Return to the throne room and look behind Riju's throne. If Link follows ahead, you'll find a pillar stick up from the ground. It is recommended to climb up to the top of Gerudo Town, at the Soryotanog Shrine and paraglide from there.
  • Travel directly southwest from the throne room at Gerudo Town to reach the first red pillar. On the second level, there are some cracked boulders on the ground. Use a bomb or do a jump attack with a heavy weapon to break them, causing a beam of light to appear.
  • Follow the beam of light and it leads to another red pillar in the distance. It wants to reflect off of a mirror, but the mirror is too low. On a nearby platform, Link will find a lever that he can turn. Doing so will cause the red pillar to rise, so the light reflect off of the mirror. This will cause the light to reflect off another mirror in the distance.
  • Follow the beam yet again to a third red pillar. The pillar is misaligned a bit, with the light here not aimed directly at the first pillar. We need to turn the pillar ever so slightly. Just beneath the mirror, there are some more cracked boulders. Use a bomb or a heavy weapon to break these boulders and inside, Link will find a pair of Hover Stones and some sticks. Use Ultrahand to attach both sticks to one of the hover stones, just for each of transport. We want to take these sticks to the area above the mirror, at the very top of the pillar. To get there, activate both Hover stones and then use Ultrahand to raise them up. You can use Ascend to get through one of the hover stones to get higher up.
  • Above the pillar, there is a switch, but there is no way to turn it. Use the sticks and attach them to the wheel. Then Link will be able to push the sticks, causing the switch to turn, which moves the entire pillar. Eventually it will move so the light from the mirror shines back at the first pillar, creating a triangle. After a short cut-scene, something comes up from underground, right at the center of the triangle.
  • Travel to the center of the triangle and Link and Riju will see Zelda, before she then disappears. Strike the object with an arrow and Riju will launch a lightning attack. This will cause the Lightning Temple to rise up from the sand.
  • Run towards the Temple and use Riju's Power of Lightning on the large purple ball. This will trigger a battle with the Scourge of the Lightning Temple, Queen Gibdo. During the battle, Queen Gibdo will fly around and will create whirlwinds that she will launch at Link. Be sure to keep moving and dodge these attacks. When Link gets the opportunity, talk with Riju and charge up a lightning strike. Shoot Queen Gibdo with an arrow. Repeat this process until Queen Gibdo's health is partially drained.
  • Queen Gibdo will eventually retreat to the top of Lightning Temple. Walk forward and used a lightning arrow attack at the purple door to open it, entering the dungeon.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Gerudo Town has been beset by an ominous sand shroud, forcing the people there to retreat to an underground shelter.

Chief Riju, however, was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, Buliara informed you that the Gerudo leader had gone to the North Gerudo Ruins to train.
Upon visiting the North Gerudo Ruins, you found Riju focused on her training.

You should help her practice her lightning strike.
Riju was able to strike the targets with her lightning when you used your arrows to guide her. Shortly after, a strange sound was heard, and then a messenger arrived with news of an attack on Kara Kara Bazaar.

Follow Riju to Kara Kara Bazaar, northeast of Gerudo Town.
You arrived at Kara Kara Bazaar to find the battle underway. Riju demonstrated the results of her training, saving Buliara with her lightning.

Fight alongside Riju and defeat the Gibdos!
Moments after you defeated the monsters attacking Kara Kara Bazaar, Zelda suddenly appeared in the distance, along with strange tornadoes surrounding Gerudo Town. Zelda set out in the direction of the town but quickly vanished from sight.

Join Riju and the others back at Gerudo Town.
Gibdo hives appeared from within the sand shroud. While the hives and the tornadoes loomed ominously over Gerudo Town, a mysterious voice reached out to you once more, beckoning you.

Though this is important, you should continue to work with Riju and the others.
A swarm of Gibdos have appeared from within the hives that surround Gerudo Town.

Protect Riju and save Gerudo Town!
Fighting alongside the Gerudo soldiers, you defeated the swarm of Gibdos pouring from the hives that threatened Gerudo Town.

Seek out Riju, who asked you to meet her at a mural in the underground shelter beneath the town.
The mural you saw in the Gerudo shelter said: "Standing back-to-back with the throne, witness red pillars across a vast sea. Unite the pillars in light to reveal the lightning stone and open the way. You who can hear my voice, come to me. I await you."

Riju thinks the voice and mural are connected.
When you shined a light on each of the ancient pillars, the bright beams formed a huge triangle.

Based on the mural you saw in the shelter beneath Gerudo Town, something should have been revealed, perhaps at the center...
When Riju struck the mechanism with one of her lightning strikes, a temple appeared. Maybe the owner of the mysterious voice is inside?

You should investigate the interior.
A stone emitting some sort of strange light appeared when the massive monster—the source of the sand shroud—was defeated.

Riju is staring at the stone, but what could be going through her mind?
Riju touched the secret stone and listened to her ancient ancestor. A new power awakened in her, and she became the Sage of Lightning. With the monster defeated, the sand shroud in the Gerudo region vanished.

Questions surround Princess Zelda in both past and present, but Riju promised to investigate.