One-Hit Wonder!

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One-Hit Wonder!



Talk to Parcy outside the South Akkala Stable





One-Hit Wonder! is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom


Parcy is struggling to break a Rare Ore Deposit. When Link interrupts, she gets annoyed and tells him to try it - if he does it in one swing, he can keep the gems inside.

When he does so using a heavier weapon than her sword, she exclaims that she got tired because she was using her arm muscles, but he managed it by using his "brain muscles!" She keeps to the deal, and walks away to implement the lesson learned.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Parcy has repeatedly attacked the deposit with her sword, but it's not working all that well. If you can destroy the ore deposit with a single blow, you'll get to keep any gems inside.
You destroyed the ore deposit with a single blow and earned the contents within. Parcy is impressed with your weapon, and she's determined to make one just like it for herself.