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Breath of the Wild
Riverside Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
South Akkala Stable


Breath of the Wild
The Royal Guard's Gear
Tears of the Kingdom
One-Hit Wonder!

Parcy is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Parcy can be found at Riverside Stable, where they want to be shown a piece of Royal Guard's equipment. This begins the The Royal Guard's Gear side quest.

Additionally she can be used alongside the inventory deload glitch to acquire infinite Topaz, Ruby, and Sapphire Gems

Tears of the Kingdom

Parcy can be found at the South Akkala Stable struggling to break a Rare Ore Deposit. When Link approaches, she claims dibs on the gems and is only struggling because her "hands are sweaty".[1] She is taken aback by Link's "look" and challenges him to break the deposit in a single strike, and if successful, she will let him have the gems.[2]

By using a Cobble Crusher or claymore with a blunt object fused or simply throwing a Bomb Flower at it will be sufficient. Upon success, incredulously, she will accept defeat and reward Link with the gems.[3]

Afterwards, she can be found hanging about the stable and talks about what happened and how she wants to craft a weapon like that for herself but imagines how difficult it is[4] and talks about how there's a Break-a-Part Shop in Tarrey Town to remove items that have been fused.[5]


  1. "Parcy", What? I found this ore deposit, so I'm gonna smash it and get the gems inside! My hands are a little sweaty, so my grip's not as firm as usual. Otherwise I'd have busted it by now.
  2. "Parcy", ...What's with that look?! You don't think I can do it?! Fine, then! Let's make it interesting! If you can break this ore deposit in one strike, I'll give you all the gems that come out. So step up...if you've got the GUTS. I'm pretty confidence in my skills, but with my sword, I can't even make a dent. There's no way a nobody like you can break it in one strike.
  3. "Parcy", OH, COME ON! How? HOW? I was joking when I said to break it in one go! I came up short because I was only using my arm muscles. But you? You used your brain muscles! Now all I can do is admit that you won. Congratulations. That was a perfect strike. The gems are yours, like we agreed. And you've inspired me to get more creative with my weapon designs!
  4. "Parcy", Oh, you're the traveler who destroyed that ore deposit! Hee-hee, of course I remember you. Who could forget a strike THAT impressive? Huh. Maybe I'll try building a weapon like yours for myself! But I'm kinda...bad at that crafty stuff. Plus, isn't it hard to remove something once you've attached it?
  5. "Parcy", Right? I figured it'd be. And I'd be really annoyed if I broke something while trying to remove it...Oh but that's right! There's a shop called Break-a-Part in Tarrey Town! That's just east of here. They can apparently use their master craftsmanship to detach anything from anything! Like they were never attached!