The Treasure Hunters

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The Treasure Hunters



Speak with Domidak at Rauru Hillside


Grab the treasure surrounded by mud


Three Bomb Flowers inside the Chest



The Treasure Hunters is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Speak with Domidak near the Rauru Settlement Ruins at Rauru Hillside.


  • Talk to Domidak who, together with his twin brother Prissen, is eyeing a Treasure Chest surrounded by muddy water. After noticing Link, he is insisting that he should keep his hands off of the treasure chest.
  • The treasure chest can be reached by building a bridge out of nearby Hyrule Restoration Materials, building a long contraption to attach and move the chest or by gliding over and removing the 3 Bomb Flowers inside.
  • The quest concludes by talking to Domidak again after moving the treasure chest from its position or removing its contents, with Prissen stating that he kept watch of what happened after Domidak asks if he didn't.
  • Prissen will overshare more information about treasure hunting, to look for caves on Death Mountain which are "perfect for hiding treasure" and mentions Misko's Treasure on which Domidak will elaborate further.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Domidak and Prissen are scheming to grab a treasure chest surrounded by bottomless bog of certain doom.

They're struggling and have complained that there's nowhere to put their feet.

Domidak and Prissen were pained to learn the treasure was already taken. They plan to console themselves by searching some caves for Misko's treasure.

Famous for both banditry and fashion, Misko hid their collection all around Hyrule.