A Mystery in the Depths

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A Mystery in the Depths

A Mystery in the Depths is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom


While Link can undertake most of the requirements of the quest without formally unlocking it, including obtaining Autobuild, to unlock the quest itself and the events in Lookout Landing he must complete both the Camera Work in the Depths quest and at least one dungeon.

Josha asks Link for help with another investigation. She mentions that more fragments have been found by the Zonai Survey Team. She mentions that there are a whole series of statues in a row that look like the Statue with raised arm that we previously found, with each statue pointing from one to another. They eventually lead to a temple and she asks Link to investigate. For the search, she will give Link ten Giant Brightbloom Seeds and ten Arrows.

Warp over to the Iayusus Lightroot, which is the location right next to the Statue with raised arm that was found during the Camera Work in the Depths quest. There are tons of these statues here, one pointing to the next, and so on and so forth. Follow them one after another. You may reach the darkness, and if so, be sure to activate the Nihcayam Lightroot along the way.

Along the way, Link will cross paths with an enemy Frox. This massive enemy will try to gobble Link up and occasionally will try to jump and land on him. Keep your distance and shoot an Arrow at the Frox's eye. Then jump on its back and strike the Ore Deposits that are found here. Repeat this process until the enemy has been defeated, and then continue onward, following the statues.

Once in the dark, Link will need to use Brightbloom Seeds to illuminate the path, but just keep following the seemingly endless statues. Along the way, Link will encounter a few Bokoblin bases. Eventually Link will arrive at the Great Abandoned Central Mine.

There are two suspicious characters simply referred to as Researchers at the mine. Examine the symbol to awaken the Steward Construct who will activate the Autobuild ability. Fix the vehicle on the Round Pedestal by adjusting the missing wheel. For the Square Pedestal, use the newly acquired Autobuild to fix the vehicle.

Master Kohga will appear and a battle will ensue. Move to the side to avoid Kohga's vehicle and then shoot him with an arrow. While he's stunned, run over and slash away with a weapon. As Kohga begins to lose some of his health, he'll add more objects to his vehicle, making it harder for Link to attack him. First he'll add a guard to the front, and then ones to the sides. Keep battling until he is defeated. Kohga will flee, mentioned that he is off to the Southwestern Abandoned Mine. This will begin the Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan adventure.

As a reward for beating Kohga, a treasure chest will appear containing a Huge Crystallized Charge. Speak with the adjacent Steward Construct to acquire the Schema Stone, which contains the design for a Fanplane. Build a Fanplane and ride it straight ahead to the Lightroot in the distance. Run over and activate the Koradat Lightroot.

Return to Josha and speak to her and she'll reward Link with another Schema Stone, this one containing the schematic for a Hot-Air Balloon. If Link did not unlock the quest before obtaining Autobuild, she will also give him the arrows and Giant Brightbloom Seeds.

Josha will then task Link with using Autobuild to repair the broken Hot-Air Balloon at Lookout Landing. Use Autobuild to build and Josha will thank Link by giving him a Large Zonaite.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Josha is looking for help to investigate the Depths due to a new discovery. She said you've come at a perfect time and has selected you to help her.

Go with Josha to hear more about the upcoming investigation.
Josha pieced together a large mural from fragments to complete a picture that might show a series of statues in the Depths.

Each one looks toward the next, until the last gazes at a temple-like building that's the focal point of the mural. Josha thinks this place may be real and hold a special Zonai power.
Just as Josha thought, when you went where each statue was looking in the Depths, you found your way to a temple-like building. There you acquired the Zonai ability Autobuild.

Report your discovery to Josha at Lookout Landing.
When you shared Autobuild with Josha, she expressed that she wants to see the power in action.

She asked you to use Autobuild to repair the broken balloon at Lookout Landing.
With the help of Autobuild, you fixed the broken balloon. Both Josha and Robbie were impressed. The results of this investigation reaffirmed the importance of the Depths to Josha. She has asked you to let her know if you make any new discoveries in the Depths.