Great Abandoned Central Mine

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Great Abandoned Central Mine is an underground location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

After finding the Statue with raised arm as part of the Camera Work in the Depths quest, Link will later find that there are a series of these statues. As part of the A Mystery in the Depths quest, Link will have to follow a series of these statues, which eventually lead to the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Here Link will learn the Autobuild ability and do battle with Master Kohga.

After defeating Master Kohga, Link will earn a Huge Crystallized Charge and a Schema Stone for a Fanplane. Link will also be able to activate the Forge Construct on the roof, who will sell Crystallized Charges and Zonai Charges for zonaite.

Inside the mine is the largest Bargainer Statue, which is the subject of the A Call from the Depths Side Adventure.