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Dalia's Game
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Speak to Dalia in Gerudo Town


Find Green-Seal Toy in the Gerudo Shelter within 1:30


Orb (first play)
Palm Fruit (subsequent)




Dalia's Game is a Side Quest and mini-game in Tears of the Kingdom.


When looking for the "heroines' spirits" - seven orbs marked with the Seven Heroines' symbols - as part of The Mysterious Eighth quest, Patricia points Link to the "number sealquence" "-3813, -2871, 0043" if fed a Splash Fruit. These are co-ordinates for the northern corner of the main plaza of Gerudo Town, near Lorn's general store. There, Link can find an orb guarded by Lorn's daughter Dalia, who found it after the Sand Shroud was dispelled.

Dalia refuses to just give her "treasure" to Link, but is prepared to lend it if he plays with - she quickly corrects to challenge - her for it. She takes him to the now largely-deserted Gerudo Shelter. There, she plans to hide her stuffed sand-seal doll somewhere while his eyes are closed, then challenge him to find it within 90 seconds. If he succeeds, she notes that Ms. Ashai told her that "If there's a voe I have fun hanging out with, then he's a very special voe indeed." Link can subsequently replay the game with her for Palm Fruit unless she is busy doing something else at the time.


Complete Riju of Gerudo Town and The Heroines' Secret.


TODO: Full Walkthrough

Adventure Log

Step Description
The orb that Dalia calls her "treasure" appeared from under the sands after the sand shroud dissipated. Dalia said she'd lend it to you if you can beat her at her own game. Ask her about it when she seems to have some free time.
You accepted Dalia's challenge! If you can find the stuffed sand seal hidden in the shelter before time runs out, you win.
You challenged Dalia and won! She is willing to let you use her treasured orb anytime you like. In addition, you can challenge her at her game as many times as you want from now on, as long as she isn't busy.