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Dalia from Breath of the Wild










Lorn (Mother)

Dalia is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Dalia is a Gerudo child who lives with her mother Lorn in Gerudo Town. Each morning at 6am, Dalia wakes up and runs over to her secret spot at the north end of town.[1] Dalia is secretly planning on growing a fruit garden in the area here so that she can have all the fruit that she wants. Although she isn't quite sure yet what kind of fruit she wants to grow.[2] Dalia questions what Link is doing in a place like Gerudo Town.[3] She tells Link that if he wants to go sightseeing, he should visit the Goddess Statue at the southeast part of town as not many people go there.[4]

At 4pm each afternoon, Dalia will head over to the south end of town to meet up and chat with several of the other Gerudo children.[5]

Dalia will head back to her mother's shop at 8pm, as it will be time for bed. She encourages Link to stop by the shop and purchase some fruit from her mother.[6] Even while sleeping, Dalia will be thinking about eating fruit.[7]

Tears of the Kingdom

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  1. Sav'otta! Sorry, lady, but I'm in a hurry! See ya! Sav'orq! - Dalia
  2. Heehee! I'm still keeping it a secret from Mama, but I'm growing a fruit garden here! Then I can eat all the fruit I want until my tummy gets filled right up! I haven't figured out what I want to plant here yet, though... If I grow a lot, I'll share some of it with you, OK? - Dalia
  3. What's a vai from out of town doing in a place like this? - Dalia
  4. This is my secret place, you know! You can't do any sightseeing around here! If you want to go sightseeing, why don't you go and visit the Goddess Statue at the southeast gate? Not many people go there, so Mama says it's a good, little-known spot! - Dalia
  5. Sorry, lady, but I'm in a hurry! See ya! Sav'orq! - Dalia
  6. My mama sells a bunch of fruit! They're super yummy, so you should buy some, vai-from-out-of-town! Anyway, sav'orq! - Dalia
  7. I'm gonna eat a lot of fruit... - Dalia