An Eerie Voice

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An Eerie Voice
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Speak to Penn


Investigate an Eerie voice on Fural Plain


Varies, depending on "Potential Princess Sightings!" progress



An Eerie Voice is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Penn has learned of a voice that supposedly sounds like Zelda, but nobody knows where it's coming from, and they only hear it at night. It seems that most of the people who try to investigate get closer to Haran Lakefront Well, they hear "Leave the arms, leave the arms...For if not, I'll do you harm." and end up throwing their weapons down the well and running away. Penn suggests a nighttime investigation, but wants Link's help.

When Link enters the well, he finds Sagessa singing. She laughs at the ridiculousness of the lyrics that people were mishearing[1], and clarifies that she was actually singing "Seek the storm, seek the storm...Fear it not, you will stay warm." - it was a song about a fox chasing storms[2]. She sings down the well because she likes how the acoustics of the well make her singing sound[3]. She offers all the weapons who were thrown down by panicking people to Link, since she had no use for them.

With the questions resolved, Link reports to Penn, who was staying safely above-ground, and Penn pays him for the story as normal.


Link must have spoken to Traysi and taken a freelance job for the Lucky Clover Gazette in the Potential Princess Sightings! Side Adventure.


The quest has to be done at night, so if it isn't already night, just sleep at the stable until then.

  • Talk to Penn, and he'll fly out into Fural Plain, where he'll stop and call for you. Run out to meet him.
  • Once you can move again, start making your way toward Haran Lakefront Well (0395, -3387, 0033)
  • Jump into the well, and move towards Sagessa to start a dialogue, and then complete the Side Adventure.

Adventure Log

Step Description
"Leave the...rms..." According to Penn, a voice has been heard at Highland Stable at night. Witnesses say it comes from Fural Plain to the northwest, and it sounds like Zelda. But no one has actually seen the mysterious woman. Accompany Penn at night, and investigate the haunting voice.
The haunting voice coming up from the well in the Fural Plain each night belonged to Sagessa, who was busy practicing her singing. Having learned that it was not Princess Zelda, Penn departed to write an article about this unusual mystery.


  1. "Leave your arms or I'll kill you? Hahaha! What kind of nonsensical song is that?" — Sagessa, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "It's a song about a cute little fox who is proud of their warm fur coat, and they chase storms since they don't get cold!" — Sagessa, Tears of the Kingdom
  3. "I just like how my voice sounds here. Prettier. More refined." — Sagessa, Tears of the Kingdom