The Satori Mountain Crystal

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The Satori Mountain Crystal



Examine the Usazum Shrine entrance


Bring the Rock over to the Shrine


Access to Usazum Shrine



The Satori Mountain Crystal is a Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


The quest is available as soon as Link arrives at the entrance to the Usazum Shrine. The shrine is located at the far southeast edge of Satori Mountain, right at the edge of the path which is north of the Dalite Forest and well northwest of the Outskirt Stable.


  • Once you activate the shrine, a green light will be pointing in the direction of the Satori Mountain Foothill Cave. Follow the green light into the cave.
  • The cave here is a giant circle, with a Hinox walking clockwise. Battle with the Hinox and defeat the enemy, which will cause it to drop the Satori Mountain Crystal.
  • Carry the crystal back out of the cave and towards the shrine. Place the crystal at the shrine to complete the quest.

Usazum Shrine

Main article: Usazum Shrine

The Usazum Shrine itself is one of Rauru's Blessings. Inside there is a single treasure chest that holds a Strong Zonaite Spear. Walk over to the altar to get a Light of Blessing.

Adventure Log

Step Description
You offered up the crystal you earned by defeating the Hinox in a cave at the base of Satori Mountain, and you can now enter the Shrine of Light.

Enter the shrine in order to acquire the Light of Blessing.