Satori Mountain Foothill Cave

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Satori Mountain Foothill Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The cave is a giant circle, filled with Brightbloom Seeds, Bomb Flowers, and other goodies. Patroling the circle is an enemy Hinox, who walks clockwise around the cave. in the shape of a circle, which the Hinox travels clockwise.

There is a Treasure Chest in an elevated tunnel which bisects the cave. It contains a Silver Rupee.

The Bubbulfrog can be found at the northeast portion of the cave.

The Satori Mountain Crystal

Main article: The Satori Mountain Crystal

The Hinox here is carrying the Satori Mountain Crystal, which is needed to open the Usazum Shrine. After defeating the Hinox, Link can carry the crystal out of the cave. After bringing it to the shrine, it will complete The Satori Mountain Crystal quest.


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