Serenade to Mija

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Serenade to Mija
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Speak to Mastro at Snowfield Stable


Make a roof for Breezer and take the Stable Trotters to Mija's bud in it


Green-rupee.png 100
Great Fairy Mija begins upgrading clothes again




Serenade to Mija is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


The Great Fairy Mija has sealed herself in her bud, and refuses to come out until she hears the sound of a horn to tell her the world is intact after the Upheaval. With Tera, Kaysa and Cotera all coaxed out of their bud, the Stable Trotters move to Snowfield Stable to try and coax the last of the Great Fairies back out.

Once their hornist Eustus returns, they aim to travel up the hill to the bud, but with the freezing weather, they need a roof for Breezer, their wagon, to do so without catching cold. Nearby is a cache of building materials, including boards Link can use to fashion a crude but functional roof. He can then use a Towing Harness to have one of his horses pull the wagon.

Once they reach the bud, they play for Mija and she comes back out again. Mastro pays Link 100 rupees for his help. The whole troupe then thanks Link one-by-one, and Mastro dubs Link an honourary member of the troupe for his aid. Mastro also claims they should now be known as the "Stable Heroes" after "this genuine hero".


Link must complete both Serenade to Cotera and The Hornist's Dramatic Escape before he can complete this quest.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
The Great Fairy Mija is hiding in her flower bud, found in the foothills of a mountain near Snowfield Stable. Horn music might draw her out, but the horn player Eustus is missing. A traveler who'd come from the south reported hearing the sound of a horn along the road in the area around Tabantha Great Bridge.
It's said that the Great Fairy Mija, who lives on the lower slope of a mountain near Snowfield Stable, won't come out of her bud. Eustus, the Stable Trotters member that Mastro was searching for, has safely returned to the troupe. Go talk to Mastro at Snowfield Stable.
It's said that the Great Fairy who lives on the lower slope of a mountain near Snowfield Stable won't come out of her bud. Mastro thinks the Stable Trotters' horn music will bring her out. They'd like to go to her, but their wagon has no roof, so he's worried the band will catch cold in the snow. For now, they're stuck at the stable.
The Stable Trotters' performance inspired the Great Fairy to leave her bud. The horn player, Eustus, was moved that she enjoyed his music. Mastro gave you a silver rupee as a thank-you for helping his troupe.