Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan

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Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan



Begin the A Mystery in the Depths quest



Fight Master Kohga at the Abandoned Gerudo Mine and Abandoned Lanayru Mine




Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan is a Side Adventure found in Tears of the Kingdom


As part of the A Mystery in the Depths main quest, Link will travel to the Great Abandoned Central Mine to battle with Master Kohga. After successfully defeating him, this will begin the Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan side adventure.

Abandoned Gerudo Mine

Warp to the Koradat Lightroot, which is right near where Link first met Master Kohga. Here Link will find another type statue known as the Statue bearing a sword. Just as before, these statues point in the direction of the next one, forming a long chain of statues. Follow the statues using Brightbloom Seeds along the way and Link will eventually pass by the Kawatik Lightroot. Link will find numerous Yiga along the way who are dressed up as Researchers throughout the Depths. After encountering one near a camp fire, Link can pickup the nearby Torch and use it to power the Hot-Air Balloon that is nearby.

Link will pass by the South Lomei Depths Labyrinth along the way and eventually the Amakawis Lightroot. Shortly after, along the path, Link will encounter an enemy Frox which he can battle with, or skip ahead. The path eventually passes by the Mihcihc Lightroot before eventually arriving at the Abandoned Gerudo Mine.

There are a pair of Yiga flying up on Wings. It's a good to get rid of these enemies before dealing with Master Kohga. Link can use a nearby Spring to launch himself up and then attack with an Arrow. Alternatively, Link can attach a Keese Eyeball to an arrow from the ground to fight the enemies.

Master Kohga can be seen placing his right hand against he Pedestal, trying to replicate what Link previously did. This will trigger the boss battle with Master Kohga. Like the Yiga clansman before, Master Kohga will ride along on a Wing and launch attacks at Link. Use an Arrow attached with a Keese Eyeball to knock him down and then run over to deliver some sword slashes.

After Master Kohga has taken some damage, he'll start building on his Wing, giving him more protection and making him immune to frontal attacks. Find the Spring that is at the battlefield. Use it to launch Link up in the arrow and then shoot Kohga down. Repeat this same process until Master Kohga has been defeated. Master Kohga will then take off, heading east to the Abandoned Lanayru Mine.

A Steward Construct will awaken and thank Link, but informs him that Link will not be able to reach Master Kohga from here. Instead, it suggests traveling back up to the Surface and finding a Chasm at the Lanayru Wetlands, or just south of there in a mountain village. Link can open the nearby chest to get a Huge Crystallized Charge, and the nearby Steward Construct will give Link a Schema Stone for a Hovercraft. Before leaving the area, it is recommended to activate the Gonatoyros Lightroot. It is higher up but can be reached by a ramp, just west of the Abandoned Gerudo Mine.

Abandoned Lanayru Mine

Link can re-enter the Depths at the East Hill Chasm. From there, Link can follow the Finned statue where he will pass the Takaruk Lightroot, as well as a Yiga stronghold. Within the Yiga stronghold, Link will find a pair of chests containing a Yiga Schematic, which holds the schematic for the Icebreaker. The other chest contains a Large Crystallized Charge. Following the Finned statues further, Link will come across the Kegopa Lightroot, the Ruto Canyon Mine, the Kawagom Lightroot, and eventually the Abandoned Lanayru Mine.

Master Kohga will ride around on a raft with two Yiga Footsoldiers along his side. The Soldiers will shoot Arrows at Link when he draws near. Link can jump into a motorized raft as well and give chase. Link can hit Master Kohga with an arrow to stun him and then quickly ride over with his boat. Link can deliver a few hits, but eventually Master Kohga will warp away. To make things easier, Link can attach a Keese Eyeball, or even a Bomb Flower to an arrow to deal more damage.

After Master Kohga has taken some damage, he'll begin holding a shield out in front of him. Bomb Flowers will blast right through these shields. When he takes even more damage, he'll almost completely cover himself with shields. Link can ride his boat right up to the Yiga and fight them with his sword.

After defeating Master Kohga, he will once again flee, this time to the Abandoned Hebra Mine. A treasure chest will appear, containing a Huge Crystallized Charge

Abandoned Hebra Mine

There are a few chasms in the Hebra region, but none of them allow Link to reach the Abaonded Hebra Mine. Instead, Link will need to find the Rito Village Chasm, found directly beneath Rito Village. At a southeast ledge of Rito Village, Link will find Ponnick, on a southeastern ledge of the village where he has setup a Campfire. He was tasked by Josha to find a chasm at Rito Village and he has done so. Glide down into the whole and fall down the Rito Village Chasm. This will bring Link right down to the Abandoned Hebra Mine, with the Sikatag Lightroot found right nearby.

Here Link will encounter Master Kohga for the fourth and final time. This time he can be found riding on top of a Zonai Construct, Kohga's gift to the Demon King. The battlefield is surrounded by barbed wire. Link can hit Kohga directly to knock him down, or alterantively, he can attack the construct direct. One strategy is to attack the construct so that it is hit back into the barbed wire. To do this, wait for it to attack and perofmr a Perfect Dodge. After a few hits from a Flurry Rush, the construct will be knocked back. When it is close enough to the barbed wire, it will be knocked back into it, sending Master Kohga down to the ground where Link can then deal damage.

Master Kohga has a lot of health here, so it is a good idea to come with strong, Fused Weapons, as well as food or an elixir that gives an Attack Up boost. Repeat this same process until Master Kohga has taken notable damage. In the next phase, Master Kohga will once again surround himself in a wall of protection. The Construct will also send out a fire-attack from its two arms. Just immediately run forward and strike him repeatedly to knock him back into the barbed wire. Repeat this process unto Master Kohga is defeated once and for all.

Once Kohga is defeated, a pair of treasure chests appear, containing a Huge Crystallized Charge and a Diamond. The nearby Steward Construct will give Link a Schema Stone for a Rocket Platform.

Adventure Log

Step Description
You faced Master Kohga, head of the Yiga Clan, in the Great Abandoned Central Mine. He plans to use the power of the Zonai to end the world with the Magnificent One. Could they be involved with Zelda's disappearance? Kohga went to the Abandoned Gerudo Mine. You can go there by following a nearby series of statues through the Depths.
You successfully drove Master Kohga from the Abandoned Gerudo Mine, and learned his true aim. He plans to restore a powerful weapon for "the man himself." Pursue Kohga to the Abandoned Lanayru Mine. A line of statues stretching from one of the chasms either in the Lanayru Wetlands or amidst the mountains south of there will guide you to the mine.
You encountered Master Kohga a third time and chased him from the Abandoned Lanayru Mine. As he fled, he told you that he knows where the Demon King is and plans to activate an "ultimate weapon." The Demon King may have a clue to Zelda's whereabouts, so go catch Kohga at the Abandoned Hebra Mine. There may be a chasm that leads you straight to it...
Your final showdown with Master Kohga at the Abandoned Hebra Mine resulted in the revival of the ultimate weapon - a giant construct. You managed to defeat it, and Master Kohga was last seen blasted skyward by his own hand, his plot foiled. Though Zelda's whereabouts remain unknown, you learned that the Demon King lurks beneath Hyrule Castle...