Lurelin Village Restoration Project

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Lurelin Village Restoration Project
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Speak with Bolson at Lurelin Village


Free use of the village's facilities


Lurelin Village Restoration Project is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


After Link drives out the Monster Forces occupying Lurelin Village, many of the buildings are badly damaged. Link must obtain logs and Hylian Rice to rebuild and thatch the buildings, and help Bolson with some aspects of the reconstruction.

Afterward, the grateful villagers make everything in the village, including the shop, inn and restaurant, free for Link to use and take at no rupee cost to him as thanks.


Complete Ruffian-Infested Village by killing every one of the Monster Forces in Lurelin.


TODO: Complete

Bolson initially requires 20 Hylian Rice and 15 logs. He mentions that the palm trees growing in the immediate area around Lurelin Village are not suitable, so Link must source the logs from somewhere else. The logs can be transported to the village using either a horse-drawn wagon, a vehicle created with Zonai Devices or simply Ultrahanded from the vicinity of Sifumim Shrine.

Adventure Log

Step Description
The monsters that took over Lurelin Village left destroyed homes in their wake. The buildings will have to be repaired before the villagers can return home, and that will take lots of logs and Hylian rice. Help rebuild Lurelin Village.
You collected all the required materials and gave them to Bolson. At last it's time to begin the repair work. Follow Bolson's instructions, and help restore Lurelin Village's buildings.
The buildings destroyed by the monsters have all been repaired, and the Lurelin Village reconstruction project is complete. The villagers are so grateful for everything you did, they've vowed to give you free access to all of the village's facilities and goods from here on out.