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Armes is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Armes is a fisherman who resides in Lurelin Village. He can be seen carrying a Boat Oar over his shoulder. Armes lives alone in the hut found just north of the Lurelin General Store. He wakes up each morning at 5am and will head over to near the docks, where he does his fishing. He remains out there all day long, only heading back home after 10pm each evening.

During the daytime he can be found near the dock, just north of the Lurelin General Store and east of the Fishing Resort. He will comment about the fish that he has caught.[1] After Link has spoken with Armes, he'll offer to give Link some of the fish that he caught and cooked. There are three Roasted Porgy that can be found on Fishing Harpoons. After talking to Armes, Link is free to take both the cooked fish, as well as the weapons.[2] Armes will then ask Link if he tried the meal, saying how delicious it is and that it is the pride of Lurelin Village.[3][4][5]

Armes will talk to Link about sailing on a Raft, giving him some safety tips on controlling the wind. With years of experience as a fisherman, Armes has a good idea on how to use the wind to control his ship when going out to sea. Although he does suggest that Link can use a Korok Leaf to control the wind himself.[6] He is a bit surprised to hear that Link knows how to use a raft, as he doesn't look like the type that would. He does tell Link to be careful, especially when it is raining, as the wind could easily blow you away and leave you stranded.[7][8]

On rainy days, Armes will head back to his hut. He talks about the All or Nothing treasure chest game that is run by Cloyne and how that's the only thing to do when it is raining.[9] It's possible to win some Rupees while playing the treasure chest game, but it will depend on your luck.[10][11] Armes does seem irritated by the rain, as since he's a fisherman, he can't fish when it is raining, and that cut's into his profits.[12]



  1. Don't these fish look delicious?! I caught them myself! Have you gone sailing with a raft? - Armes
  2. Doesn't that fish look delicious? I caught it myself, too! You're welcome to help yourself. I cooked way too much for just myself alone. - Armes
  3. How about it? Did you try the fish? Wasn't it delicious? - Armes
  4. You should hurry up and eat it! - Armes
  5. Really delicious, wasn't it? These fish are the pride of our village! - Armes
  6. Well then, let me tell you a bit about it... Most importantly, the wind is critical to getting around at sea. Fisherman like us have learned, after years of experience, to predict and use the wind to control our ships. However... I've heard there is an object called a Korok leaf that will help you control the wind yourself! - Armes
  7. Huh, never would have guessed that just from looking at ya. Just remember...going out to sea isn't something you should take lightly! The wind can quickly strand you out there! - Armes
  8. Going out to sea on a rainy day is dangerous! The wind is really strong, making it though to control your boat. There's no way to be sure you'll even come back alive! - Armes
  9. Rain, huh... On days like this, the only thing I can do is gamble at Cloyne's shop. - Armes
  10. Yup, that's right. Head over to Cloyne's place next door and you can, too! - Armes
  11. Depends on your luck, for sure. - Armes
  12. I'm a fisherman by trade. But I can't go out fishing when it's raining, so each raindrop cuts into my bottom line. - Armes