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"This small fishing village along the coast is inhabited by fishermen who make a living off the Faron and Necluda seas. There is a market that sells fish, crab, and other goods, as well as a facility in town where Link can gamble rupees on a treasure chest game, which is what a number of the local fishermen do when they can't go to sea on rainy days."

Creating a Champion, page 331
Lurelin Village




Armes - Chessica - Chumin (Often out of town) - Cloyne - Flavi (Visiting) - Garini (Out of town) - Kiana - Kinov - Letty (Occasional visitor) - Mubs - Numar - Ralera (Formerly) - Regan (Out of town) - Rozel (Chief) - Sebasto - Zuta

Points of


Lurelin Village is a location found in Breath of the Wild. A coastal village in south-east Faron, its main business is fishing.


Breath of the Wild

Lurelin Village is an idyllic tropical fishing village in the Faron province and led by chief Rozel. It is located on the southern beaches in an inlet to the southeast. The weather in Lurelin is typically sunny with regular rain showers. Treasure is frequently found in the ocean and a favorite spot for treasure hunters. A favorite recipe of the villagers is Seafood Paella, which is made by cooking the locally found Hearty Blueshell Snail with Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt, and a Mighty Porgy.

Lurelin Village amenities include a general store where Link can buy fish and arrows and an inn where Link can spend the night to recover hearts. A casino can be found in the one of the tiki houses in the northeast of the village. Cloyne, who runs the casino, will accept a wager on which one of three treasure chests contains the most rupees. The more a player wagers, the greater the potential reward.

A Goddess Statue is located just southwest of the inn along the beachfront. A Cooking Pot can be found between two tiki homes to the east of the main entrance of the village, while open fires may be found southeast of the inn (before the pier where Mubs' shop is located) and on a small ridge just before reaching Gogobi Shores. Kilton can be found at night to the south of Lurelin Village at Korne Beach.

Local flora includes palm trees from which Palm Fruit and Korok Leaves can be harvested. A variety of mushrooms may also be found in shady locations, such as under the villagers' homes. Local fauna includes Hearty Lizards, Hightail Lizards, Energetic Rhino Beetles, Razorclaw Crabs, Ironshell Crabs, Mighty Porgies, Armored Porgies, and Hearty Blueshell Snails. Water Buffalo and Mountain Goats can be found on near-by beaches.

Nearby Side Quests

Nearby Shrines

Nearby Korok Seeds

Get a rock to the roof, and complete the rock triangle. This can be difficult and there are multiple methods. Click 'Korok Seed' above for additional assistance for this seed.

This will take a few tries, so save first. You want to get this rock up to the roof of the casino.

  • One method is using Stasis and kinetic energy. 9 hits from a Knight's Halberd does the trick (approximately 117 damage), or get it to the third color of arrow. Make sure you pick it up and put it down first; if it's still in the ground it won't move.
  • Alternatively, you can use Octo Balloons to lift the rock closest to the casino first. You will need about 2 or 3 balloons to provide enough lift. Then you can use Stasis once the rock is high enough up, and a bomb arrow should provide enough energy to move the rock onto the roof.
  • An easier method of getting the rock up with an Octo Balloon is to use a Korok Leaf to blow the rock over the roof. Use the R button to aim the leaf and waft the rock/balloon onto the roof.
  • The best method when using the octo-balloons is to place the rock against the solid wooden wall on the left side of the door. Wait for the balloons to lift the rock up high enough to be just above the ledge. Stasis the rock and quickly climb up the solid wall. Stand on the ledge right next to the rock and as soon as the stasis runs out, a prompt to pickup the rock will appear. The balloons will pop just before the stasis runs out. Take the rock and head over to the triangle to complete it. ** NOTE: Do not attempt this when it is raining as the wind can be unpredictable and may blow the octo-balloons away from the boat. This can also be done from the right side of the door however, the wind seemed to be more of a factor on that side.
  • Perhaps the easiest method is to cut down a tree on the left (facing the door) near the front to form a bridge. Try to aim it between the first two flags so it will stay.
  • Another easy method involves cutting down a tree and using stasis on it as soon as it hits the roof. Then you can pick up a rock and quickly walk up the frozen tree.
On top of the inn, there are 3 palm tree trunks. Climb around these chasing the yellow flower trail.

Climb around the tree trunks on top of the Inn chasing the yellow flowers.

Remove the apple from between the palm fruits, such as by shooting it.

Shoot the apple from the palm tree of Rozel and Numar's home.

Shopping in Lurelin Village

Store Item Cost Base Re-sell Price Dye Shop
Mubs' Shop Octo Balloon 20 Rupees 5 Rupees Purple Dye Ingredient
Ironshell Crab 32 Rupees 8 Rupees N/A
Armored Porgy 40 Rupees 10 Rupees N/A
Mighty Porgy 40 Rupees 10 Rupees N/A
Shock Arrow x10 140 Rupees N/A N/A
Arrow x5 20 Rupees N/A N/A


  • In Breath of the Wild, apart from Tarrey Town, Lurelin Village is not a plot-relevant settlement in the game as it doesn't have connections to any quests, serving more as a point of reference at the southern coast of Hyrule. As such, it happens to be the settlement which is furthest away from all main quests, the closest ones taking place in Hateno Village and Kakariko Village.
  • Lurelin Village is the southernmost settlement in Hyrule, as well as the only settlement in Faron
  • The buildings in the village appear to be repurposed sea vessels.