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Korok Seed #446

This seed is incredibly difficult. If anyone can provide a better explanation, better images, or even a better or more reliable method overall, it would be extremely appreciated. Platinummyr (talk) 05:59, March 13, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you to Platinummyr for the great screenshots and writeup! It is indeed an incredibly difficult seed (unless I'm missing something super obvious). It takes me around 1 in 6 tries to get a rock up on the roof, and even the successes feel very RNG. To add more methods/data points for people who would like alternative ways of attempting this, I was able to get a rock up on the roof using a Boat Oar (4x hits) and a Fishing Harpoon (9x hits). Both weapons can be found lying around the village but can be a bit frustrating to use since they break after 1-2 attempts. I personally slightly prefer the harpoons as they feel easier to aim (for me at least). I also ended up moving up the hill slightly and further away from the boat, but both locations work. Screenshot of my successful harpoon attempt:
Korok446 2.jpg
One (perhaps obvious) tip I highly suggest is using Z-targeting to be sure of Link's direction (should be towards the prow of the boat) before using Stasis.

Or you could just get moon jump. Alegria08 (talk) 17:16, June 18, 2022 (UTC)

Koror seed 446

Attach an octo balloon to the rock standing next to the boathouse, then use a korok leaf to move it over or a bomb arrow works probably better. Tommysalami1088 (talk) 20:22, May 24, 2022 (UTC)