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Member of



Lurelin Village (Implied home)
Breath of the Wild
Atun Valley
Manhala Bridge East
East Aquame Lake
Tears of the Kingdom
Foothill Stable

Regan is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Regan can be found along the pathway at the Atun Valley, located just west of Lurelin Village. He is under a relentless attack from a Blue Bokoblin and has no weapon or shield to defend himself with. If Link defeats the Blue Bokoblin, Regan will reward him with a Mighty Meaty Rice Balls meal.[1]

Regan is originally from Lurelin Village, but he has left because the place stinks of cut-up bait and fish. Instead, he has left the village and is trying to make a living as a scavenger.[2] Although part of the reason he left is that he can't swim, making it a bit of a hazard for him to be a fisherman.[3]

As a scavenger, he can be seen examining a nearby wagon.[4] Link can examine that same wagon to find an Amber gem.

Regan can also be found just northwest of the Outskirt Stable, where he is being attacked by a Bokoblin. [5]

Tears of the Kingdom

Regan is part of the Zonai Survey Team where he can be found at the Foothill Stable. He can be seen wearing just his underpants, sitting at the Cooking Pot with Bissi. Regan comments that Gaile, one of the works at the stable, has left the stable once the team members removed their clothes, and she won't come back.[6]

Bissi, one of the female members of the survey team, thinks everybody looks weird wearing just their underpants.[7] Regan comments that they are just following orders from Princess Zelda.[8] Bissi is confused, as she was the last member of the team to arrive and just so everybody wearing no clothes. She wonders why Princess Zelda would give such a strange command.[9]



  1. You sure save my neck... Too bad I got nothing to pay you back with but pocket lint. Oh, and this, I guess. - Regan
  2. I ran away from Lurelin Village just up the road. The whole place stinks of cut-up bait and fish guts. Well, that's no life for me! I'm gonna make my living as a scavenger, fishing around Hyrule's rubble for neat stuff! Not much choice, really, since I...uh... can't swim... - Regan
  3. Go ahead, laugh! I don't care! Fishing is for suckers. I can make plenty of money without sitting on a dock all day! - Regan
  4. The best part about scavenging is you never know what kinda crazy stuff you'll find if you poke around long enough. Busted Guardians...old ruins... It's all chock-full of neat gizmos you can sell for beaucoup bucks! - Regan
  5. There I go, needing someone to bail me out again. But there's no way I'm going back to Lurelin Village! I gotta strike it rich so I can rub it in everyone's faces! - Regan
  6. "Sure, year, we're kinda not wearing the usual gear here. But we're just following orders. It's not weird. Not weird at all. Still, that girls who works int he stable took one look at all of us and left. She's far over there...and won't come back. Doesn't she know we're the real deal? We're the Zonai Survey Team! This is all super official. It's not weird." — Regan, Tears of the Kingdom
  7. "What are you thinking?! You guys are all making our research team look like fools! I think you DO look weird. So there, chew on that." — Bissi, Tears of the Kingdom
  8. "Y-you're all wrong. We're following Princess Zelda's orders..." — Regan, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. "How did this happen? I was the last member of the team to reach this survey location. By then, everyone was dressed like this by order of Princess Zelda. Why would she give such a strange command?" — Bissi, Tears of the Kingdom