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Gaile is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Gaile can be found at the Foothill Stable, where she can be seen sweeping up around the area all day long. At 9pm each evening until 5am the next morning, Gaile will sit down by the Cooking Pot.

She assumes that since Link is stopping by the Foothill Stable, it is likely that he is heading out to Goron City.[1] Based on the clothing that Link is wearing, she will likely tell him that he's not prepared for the climate of Death Mountain.[2] The pathway is filled with steep cliffs and once you get past the second checkpoint, it is so hot that your body could even catch on fire. She will offer to sell Link some Fireproof Elixirs in order to prevent from burning up in the hottest parts of the mountain.[3]

Gaile will sell an elixir for 60 Rupees. However, she also has bulk deals, where she will sell two for 110 rupees, and three for 150 rupees.[4][5] She thinks that if Link purchases three elixirs, he should have no trouble reaching Goron City.[6][7][8]

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Tears of the Kingdom

Gaile can be found at the Foothill Stable where she is training some of the dogs.[9] Ever since the Zonai Survey Team have arrived at the stable, with the men wearing nothing but underpants, Gaile had to get away a bit. So she's spending some time with the doggies and taking care of herself.[10] She mentions that the dogs have an incredible sense of smell, which can lead to treasure. If Link befreiends them and feeds them, the dogs might show them to nearby treasure.[11] This is the case with dogs at all of the various stables through Hyrule.

Despite the unpleasant arrival of the Zonai Survey Team, Gaile still works at the stable. She encourages Link to stay the night at the stable.[12]



  1. Good evening! If you're stopping by Foothill Stable, then you're probably head to Goron City? - Gaile
  2. I though so. Hold on... Buddy, are you really headed to Goron City dressed like that? - Gaile
  3. See...this is how tourists get a bad rep. That place is sheer cliff after sheer cliff, and it gets so hot past the second checkpoint that your body will catch fire. Normally I wouldn't stop a stranger from heading to their doom, but I kinda like ya. So I guess I have no choice but to sell you these fireproof elixirs. They can protect you from the burning air. Even Goron City regulars usually take at least three elixirs with them. - Gaile
  4. It's 60 rupees for one, 110 rupees for two, and 150 rupees for three. Buying in bulk pays off here. - Gaile
  5. All right. Here is your fireproof elixir. - Gaile
  6. If you have that many, you should be able to make it to Goron City no problem. - Gaile
  7. Ah... If you want to buy some fireproof elixir, just let me know. - Gaile
  8. Hmm... It looks like you already have a bunch of fireproof elixirs. You should be able to make it to Goron City no problem. - Gaile
  9. "Well, well, good working finding 'em! OK! Here now, here now!" — Gaile, Tears of the Kingdom
  10. "Hmmm... You're not walking around in nothing but undershorts... Ah, you must be a traveler. So, you're not going to believe this... There's a group of guys in this skivvies hanging out at Foothill Stable, which is where I work. Just guys in their undershorts, everywhere ya look! It's the worst. That's why I'm here looking after the doggies. I'm doing some self care, ya know?" — Gaile, Tears of the Kingdom
  11. "That's right! These little guys! Aren't they the cutest? But they're not just cute. Oh no, no, no. They also have this amazing ability. Their incredible sense of smell can lead you to treasure! But they won't do that for just anybody. You have to show them lots of love first. You know, befriend them and feed them. But they'll repay that love by showing you the most amazing things!" — Gaile, Tears of the Kingdom
  12. "Oh, shoot, the sun is going down! I lose track of time when I'm with the doggies. If you need a place to stay until morning, traveler, you can rest at the stable!" — Gaile, Tears of the Kingdom