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Breath of the Wild
Lurelin Village

Tears of the Kingdom
Rabella Wetlands


Sebasto (Husband)
Zuta (Son)
Kinov (Son)

Kiana is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Kiana lives in Lurelin Village with her husband Sebasto and her two sons, Zuta and Kinov. Sebasto and Kiena live in the first hut north of the pathway, near the entrance to the village. Their two kids will sleep in the adjacent hut to the east. Her husband is a fisherman and she thinks that her kids will likely both grow up to become fishermen as well.[1]

Each morning, Kiana will wake up at 5am and will head over to do the laundry. She remains there until 3pm, where she will then head over to the Cooking Pot to make dinner. She offers up her cooking pot to Link if he ever needs to cook anything.[2] Kiana is later joined by her two sons and her husband for dinner. They family will stay there until 9pm, where Kiana will head over to put her kids to sleep.[3] After 10pm, she will then join her husband as the two will head to bed.

Kiana and Sebasto have a dog that lives near their hut. Whenever it is raining, the dog will hide underneath their hut, so he doesn't get wet. If Link feeds the dog and befriends it, the dog will lead Link to a treasure chest located just northwest of Kiana and Sebasto's hut, which contains a valuable Star Fragment.

What's for Dinner?

Main article: What's for Dinner?

When Link speaks to Kiana, she will ask Link what she should cook for dinner.[4] Her son Kinov will want her to cook some Seafood Paella.[5] Kiana will agree to make the seafood paella, but she is in need of some Goat Butter and a Hearty Blueshell Snail.[6][7] After agreeing to bring the ingredients, this will begin the quest.[8]

After gathering the ingredients, bring them back over to Kiana.[9] After giving her the ingredients, Kiana will reward Link with a Silver Rupee.[10] Kiana will then make the meal and will give a dish for Link to take for himself.[11][12]

Tears of the Kingdom

Kiana can be found living in a small tent at the Rabella Wetlands, just south of the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. She recently opened up a restaurant in Lurelin Village, but after a band of pirates ransacked the town, she had to leave her restaurant behind and flee the village, taking refuge at the Rabella Wetlands.[13] She talks about all the exciting things there were to see and do at Lurelin Village, including the spa, the Lucky Treasure Shop, and of course, her restaurant. She talks about how famous of a place it was and how people would travel from all over to try out food that they never had before. She hopes if the pirates go away, she can return and that Link comes and visits.[14][15]



  1. Are you a traveler? This is Lurelin Village. We're a small fishing town and proud of it! My husband is a fisherman, and I have two sons who will probably grow up to be fishermen too. - Kiana
  2. Do you cook? Feel free to use our cooking pot if you need it! - Kiana
  3. Can't talk now. It's past the kids' bedtime. Whatever you need will have to wait until tomorrow. - Kiana
  4. What should I cook for tonight's dinner? - Kiana
  5. Make your seafood paella! It's so good and yummy and great! - Kinov
  6. That settles it! I'll make some seafood paella. - Kiana
  7. We seem to be a bit short on ingredients though. We'll need goat butter and a hearty blueshell snail. I'm so busy with housework that I don't have time to go shopping for ingredients. Oh, I know! Could you go and get me the ingredients we're missing? - Kiana
  8. Really? I'm happy to hear that. I'll be waiting! - Kiana
  9. Oh! You have the ingredients! Can I have them? - Kiana
  10. All right, I'll take those, then. Now to go start cooking. Here's a little something... - Kiana
  11. Since you found the missing ingredients, why don't you eat with us? It'll be done soon. - Kiana
  12. Go on, dig in! It's deeeee-lish! - Kiana
  13. "Oh, are you a laborer for the Skyview Tower? I thought construction was done. Did you ose something at the work site? My family used to live in Lurelin Village, but a band of pirates ransacked the town. We escaped—barely—and fled here. I had just opened a restaurant in the village, but it was destroyed like everything else. I used to pride myself on serving goods my customers had never tried before! I'm not getting my hopes up, but I'd sure love to return to Lurelin Village and run my restaurant like before." — Kiana, Tears of the Kingdom
  14. "Lurelin Village had so many exciting things to do and see. There was the spa, the Lucky Treasure Shop, my restaurant... My place was famous! Folks would say they liked to visit and try food they'd never had before. But that was all destroyed by the pirates. That restaurant was my pride and joy. If the pirates go away, I hope to see you there." — Kiana, Tears of the Kingdom
  15. "I took pride in how my old restaurant offered folks foods they'd never tasted before. I finally managed to get the place off the ground, and then...pirates. If someone would only kick those jerks out of Lurelin Village, I could go back and survey the damage—maybe even reopen. ...No use dwelling on it! I need to decide tonight's menu!" — Kiana, Tears of the Kingdom