Rabella Wetlands

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Rabella Wetlands is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Rabella Wetlands are located as part of Mount Taran, a bit northwest of Lurelin Village. Growing throughout the wetlands are the uncommon Fleet-Lotus Seeds. There are also some Ironshrooms on the perimeter. There is a rare Thunderstorm Rod found on the ground in the Wetlands that one of the Blue Bokoblin could pickup. There is a treasure chest found underneath the Hinox in the center of the area that contains a Gold Rupee. There is a Rusty Claymore and a Rusty Halberd sticking into the ground, near where the Hinox is sleeping.

The Three Giant Brothers

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The wetlands plays an important role in The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest. Sleeping in the center of the Wetlands is the Hinox (Oldest Kin), a dangerous Black Hinox who is also surrounded by some Blue Bokoblin. The Hinox has an Ancient Orb around its neck that Link must collect and then bring it back to the pedestal located to the east. When Link brings back the orbs from the Hanu Pond and Uten Marsh as well, this will complete the shrine quest, revealing the Tawa Jinn Shrine.




Tears of the Kingdom

The Rabella Wetlands can be found at the southeast part of Hyrule, found well southeast of Dueling Peaks and southwest of Hateno Village. When Link first arrives in the area it is perpetually raining. This will continue until Link activates the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. In order to do so, Link must burn down the Spikes that surround the tower. However, he'll first need to use nearby Boards to cover the spikes, so that the rain doesn't blow out the fire.

Just south of the tower, Link will find a small camp where Kiana and her two sons, Zuta and Kinov are living.

Korok Seeds

  • At the south end of the Rabella Wetlands there is a Korok who is trying to reunite with his friend. His friend is located all the way to the east at the Dunsel Plateau. To get there, Link wll walk right through the Uten Marsh. Reuniting the pair gets Link two Korok Seeds.



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