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Zuta from Tears of the Kingdom







Sebasto (Father)
Kiana (Mother)
Kinov (Brother)

Zuta is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Zuta lives in Lurelin Village with his father Sebasto, his mother Kiana, and his bother Kinov. Zuta's parents live in the first hut north of the pathway, near the entrance to the village. Where as Zuta and his brother will sleep in the second hut, that is just to the east.

Each morning, Zuta will wake up at 5am and will run around throughout Lurelin Village. Zuta runs around, even if it is raining as he enjoys jumping and playing in the rain.[1] If Link talks to Zuta on a nice day during the morning, he will mention some interest ruins that he saw with Garini over at the Palmorae Beach. [2] If Link is interested, Zuta will offer to take him there and will lead the way, exiting the village to the east.[3] Along the way, Zuta will stop momentarily and when Link talks to him, he'll continue along.[4][5] Once they are arrive the beach, Zuta will stop and tell Link that they have arrived.[6] He will also ask him to say hi to Garini for him.[7] Zuta remains here until 4pm, where he will then turn around and head back to Lurelin Village to get back in time for dinner.[8]

Zuta will eat dinner with his family each evening, sitting by the Cooking Pot just outside of their home.[9] At 9pm, Zuta and his brother Kinov will head off to bed, with their mother sitting by their side until 10pm.[10]

Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, after Lurelin Village is attacked by pirates, Zuta and his family will flee up to the Rabella Wetlands, where they have setup a tent and Cooking Pot. Zuta is concerned about what has happened at Lurelin Village and some of the residents.[11] He wants to climb up the nearby Skyview Tower and take a look at the village, to see if the Pirates are still there. Unfortunately the Spikes that surround the tower make it hard to approach.[12] After Link burns down the spikes and activates the tower, Zuta will be delighted and thanks Link for doing so. He's planning on climbing up the tower a little later.[13][14]



  1. Rain, rain... I love to run and jump and play in the rain... - Zuta
  2. Have you heard? There's this really interesting spot at Palmorae Beach. I went there with Garini before, and it was so exciting! He said they were ruins or something. Hey, mister, are you interest in old stuff like that? - Zuta
  3. Then I'll take you there! Follow me! - Zuta
  4. We're not there yet! - Zuta
  5. We're almost there. Follow me! - Zuta
  6. We made it! Those are the ruins! See ya! - Zuta
  7. Tell Garini I said hi! - Zuta
  8. I'm gonna go have dinner! I have to hurry back home! - Zuta
  9. Mom's home cooking is the best! - Zuta
  10. I'm going to sleep! Good night! - Zuta
  11. "Hey, mister. Did you travel here from the south?" — Zuta, Tears of the Kingdom
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  13. "Woah, the spikes! Someone burned them away? Yesss! Now I can climb the tower! I'll have to look and see how the village is doing later." — Zuta, Tears of the Kingdom
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